Ice Cube Trays Buying Guide

Ice cube trays are generally made of plastic, rubber, silicone, stainless steel or aluminium. Research studies say that plastic ice-cube trays may be dangerous since some of the plastics are found to be incredibly toxic. Silicone ice-cube trays are also used widely but some people have complained about small white specks in their drinks with ice cubes from the silicone trays, which are not yet proved as unhealthy, scientifically. Due to this uncertainty, rubber and metal ice-cube trays are gaining more popularity. 

Different Types of Ice-cube Trays

  • Standard Ice cube Trays: These standard ice-cube trays are made of plastic, rubber or aluminium. They come in various sizes and colours. Most trays come with a lever for easy release of ice cubes.
  • Ice cube Trays with Lid: These ice-cube trays come with stackable and sealable water-tight lid. They are flexible and rigid. The lid protects ice cubes from odours in both freezer and deep freeze. Some models come with lid which has an easy fill opener.
  • White Ice cube Tray sets: These standard white colour ice cube trays made of plastic come as a set of two or three. They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Shape Ice-cube Trays: Planning to throw a party? Go for ice cubes in innovative shapes to match the theme or occasion! There are a variety of ice cube trays available in different shapes such as heart, penguins, smiles, globe, alphabets, flower, guitar, dog, reindeer and many more creative shapes. They are generally made of rubber, silicone or plastic.
  • Baby Food Freezer Trays: Pureed cubes or baby food that needs to be refrigerated can be put into baby freezer trays. They are available in various sizes and colours. Also available are the baby cube food portioners. They have individual pots with snap on lid. They are used to store baby food safely and to keep it odour-free for up to a few days

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray :

This is the perfect thing to spruce up Valentine’s Day!

Metal Lever-Action Ice Cube Tray :

This aluminium tray with 18 cubes has a release lever.

Halloween Ice Cube Tray :

Host a spooky get-together and serve drinks with ice cubes from this tray!

Quick Picks

Dolphin Ice Cube Tray :

Make dolphin-shaped ice cubes!

Silicone Platinum Ice Cube Tray :

This is a very flexible ice cube tray.

Paton Calvert Just Freeze Ice Cube Tray :

This bright yellow tray is unbreakable and dishwasher-safe.

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