Makeup Bag Must-Haves Buying Guide

You never know where you might end up at the end of the day.  Therefore, it's a good idea to have some essentials in your makeup bag , just in case you need to freshen up before a date or a night out.  Luckily, we have guides on every bit of makeup you might need to purchase, and some tips for taking your makeup  on-the-go.

Makeup Bag

Before you figure out how to fill it, you need to purchase a makeup bag  that suits your needs and can fit inside your purse  or wherever you plan on carrying it.  Consider a few different models below.


Applying foundation  while you're out isn't always easy. You might end up with some oily residue on your fingers and possibly end up staining your clothes . Consider applying liquid foundation  with a makeup sponge  or setting powder  with a foundation brush .  Concealer  can be sold in smaller tubes, so consider buying one of those for your makeup bag. Also, a compact mirror  is always good to have on hand to make sure you are covering your entire face and blending well.


To avoid cramming too much in your bag, try packing a small brush if you are using powder blush  (hint: check out our makeup brushes guide) or consider using cream blush  that comes in a stick and can be applied directly onto your face.  If you have to apply blush with your fingers, carry some baby wipes  so that when you are finished you aren't left with red stains on your hands.

Eye Shadows

Even though you might like to stuff all of your eye shadow  colours into one bag, for transport that might not be the best idea.  Pack one neutral shade like brown or grey  that can be worn with any outfit, so this way you have it on hand if you decide to apply.  Also, if you have room, pack one fun shade like green  or purple  to spice up any look.

Eye Liners

Eye liner pencils  are fortunately much easier to fit in your makeup bag, so you can stock up on all your favourite colours or just bring one or two shades that make your eyes pop.


Those big mascara  tubes can be hard to fit in makeup bags, but many makeup companies  sell smaller, easier-to-carry bottles that are about the size of your pinky finger.  Carrying a classic black  or brown  shade is probably your best bet.


Lip gloss  is just as popular as lipstick these days, so if you have a nice, cloured lip gloss that goes with everything, consider packing one of those tubes in a addition to a neutral lipstick shade for your skin tone.  Lip liners are pretty small and easy to fit in a bag, so a neutral shade that goes with your lipstick will help you to be prepared.  Also, having lip balm  for moisturising those chapped lips without the sticky feeling of gloss is always a plus.

Travel Products

Check out a few hot travel products  to add to your makeup bag.

Makeup Travel Sets 

Travel Makeup Palettes 

Travel Brush Sets 

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