Pushchair Blankets and Sheets Buying Guide

Blankets and sheets improve the external structures of pram  or pushchairs. If you are thinking about what type of pushchair blankets and sheets  to purchase, keep in mind three important considerations: your needs, your baby’s needs and your general lifestyle. Most blankets and sheets that are used in pushchairs are weaved or sewed by threads. The pushchair gets its complete form by the combination of all different accessories  such as blankets ,footmuffs ,bedding set 

Materials used in Pushchair Blankets and Sheets

  • PVC Sheet : Mostly, PVC covers are used during winter season and in wet weather conditions.   
  • Foot Muff : Foot Muff is another form of quilt or sheet, which can also be used as liners . This helps keep baby warmer during winter. More than blankets, these liners or quilts are safe and secured.

Major Advantages of Blankets and Sheets

  • The fabric of blankets should provide UPF 30+ protection. 
  • The bad sun burn on a baby may lead to skin cancer in later part of the life. Hence blankets  are good to use. 
  • Sheets over canopy provide extra resistance against wind and are good for directing light breeze. apple-converted-space 
  • Thin soft sheets  can be used as a cover over baby to protect from dust  and heavy breeze.

Other Accessories of Pushchair

  • Sun Parasol : Sunshade or hood provides complete protection for the baby when taken out. 
  • Changing Bag : A wide range of changing bags is available to carry with pushchairs. Changing bags are designed to store all that is required for a baby when taken out for a long distance. One of the important accessories in the changing bag is the PVC mat and pockets to place soiled items.

Popular Brands

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Snuggle Baby Pram Flannellette Sheets :

This 100% cotton blanket will make sure your baby is snug and comfortable.

Personalized Baby Blanket: 

Baby blankets also make wonderful gifts. Why not make it a bit more special by personalizing it with the baby's name.

Sunshine Kids Travel Blanket :

Red and blue plaid blanket is soft offering cushion comfort with waterproof functionality. 

Quick Picks

Blue and Aqua Stripe Baby Blanket by Katvig :

This gorgeously soft and comfy blanket is made from organic cotton. 

East Coast Eggbert and Clover Cot Blanket :

 With extensive range of colours, it allows mix and match with the rest of your baby’s colour scheme. 

Baby Elephant Fleece Blanket :

This fleece blanket is ideal for you baby pram or baby cot.

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