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  • Altered Beast Pre-Owned Megadrive
    Altered Beast Pre-Owned Megadrive

  • Sega T-Shirt Altered Beast XL
    Sega T-Shirt Altered Beast XL

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  • Fuel Altereds Forever
    Fuel Altereds Forever

    What type of drag car makes strong men shudder, women shriek, and kids cheer? A 200 mph, 7-second, 96-inch wheelbased AA/Fuel Altered, that's what! These supercharged, 2,000-horsepower cars from the bygone days of drag racing demanded the utmost respect, as did the racers who piloted them. Most contemporary Top Fuel and Funny Car drivers would quake at the thought of driving one of these short, ill-handling beasts. It took a rare (or slightly crazy) breed of drag racer to slide behind the wheel...

  • Drag Racing Fuel Altereds Photo Archive: From Flatheads To Outlaws
    Drag Racing Fuel Altereds Photo Archive: From Flatheads To Outlaws

    Product Description By: Lou Hart .The Fuel Altered, one of the most brutal and exciting cars that ever covered the quarter mile, consisted of a wheel base average less than 100 inches that was fitted with a blown-supercharged 1500 hp engine running on Nitro! With a low center of gravity, the Altered was often compared to a 4,000 lb. raging bull, as the driver had all he could handle keeping these beasts on the track! From flatheads to Nitro burning monsters, see daredevils Mooneyham & Sharp, Gabby...