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  • Camelot Eternal #6: A Father's Love
    Camelot Eternal #6: A Father's Love

    "A Father's Love" Modred creates a demon horde to attack Camelot. A resurrected Sir Galahad returns to Arthur to foreshadow an impeding doom. Merlin frees himself from Modred's imprisonment to help the outnumbered knights against Morded's army. And the evil Morgan Le Fay returns.

  • Knactmuzik 2 Disc Set
    Knactmuzik 2 Disc Set

    Knactmuzik 2 Disc Set : These are great for industrial and corporate image productions. All tracks are between 4 and 8 minutes. Only $110 for 2 CDs!

  • The Assemblers #2
    The Assemblers #2

    Part Two! "Brief Candle" October 30th, 2151. Devils Night. Traditionally a celebration of havoc, the night before Halloween has long been dedicated to spray paint and fire, to the destruction of property for its own sake. And the impulse behind this frenzied "holiday" is alive and well in the 22nd century. But mischief in the futuristic Age of Nanotechnology is complicated. For young vandals Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer, visionary tactics may not be enough as they continue their Devil's Night adventure.

  • Witness to War (Graphic Novel)
    Witness to War (Graphic Novel)

    The Battle of the Bulge...the Watch on the Rhine...the Ardennes Offensive...whatever name is used for this epic battle, it involved over a million men and was the largest land battle that the U.S. Army was involved in during World War II. Witness To War is fictional account of a woman news correspondent embedded with an American platoon during this incredible saga of the last ditch effort by the German Army to turn the tide of WWII that strikes a true chord in dealing with the nature and the horror...

  • Deadworld V2: #2
    Deadworld V2: #2

    Reyna enlists Bowker to engage in a power play against Jaxson in order to return Moloch to leadership rule of their new military city complex. But first Bowker has to take care of the female intelligent zombie known as "Vamp". And in a surprise move, Bowker enlists the aid of King Zombie to take over the city. While elsewhere Dan, plagued by visions, decides to leave the motorcycle gang he and Joey have come across.

  • OZ #16: Defeat of a King
    OZ #16: Defeat of a King

    "New World Order". While there is celebration in Oz as news of the Nome King’s defeat spreads through the land, Queen Ozma is faced with the daunting task of rebuilding her war-torn country. The Wizard, returned from his banishment to Earth, grants Kevin, Peter and Mary’s request to go back to Earth. Meanwhile, the Shaman introduces the source of his mysterious power…the Wickedest Witch of Oz! Based on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz books.

  • Deadworld V2: #9
    Deadworld V2: #9

    Rand, leader of the leper colony, saves Albert from King Zombie's camp and takes him to safety. Bowker must deal with the Scavengers, a rag tag collection of kids who are trying to make it in this world on their own by plundering small groups. Dead-Killer forces a number of the townspeople to watch zombies killing humans, they're helpless to intervene, so they can understand what they are truly dealing with in the world.

  • Legendlore #13: Wrath of the Dragon (1 of 4)
    Legendlore #13: Wrath of the Dragon (1 of 4)

    Raith Craulnobur has been granted a mysterious artifact by the Fahadin, with it, he has the power to defeat his enemies as he leads his army directly to the eastern shores of the land, to the walled city of Abraxas. Darkoth emerges from his floating citadel as a dragon to convene with the slight figure known as Prince Finn. The prince wants to know, is the dragon his father? And if so, what does that make him? The Black Mountains showcase a world that has rumored to have not been walked upon by humans...

  • A Murder of Scarecrows: A Tale of Rebellion (Graphic Novel)
    A Murder of Scarecrows: A Tale of Rebellion (Graphic Novel)

    From the dark mist of Raven Cove, the mysterious figure of the Scarecrow owns the night, terrorizing the British soldiers who reign with a tight fist on a small seaport village in the colonies. Set in the dramatic days before the American Revolution, a masked avenger seeks to maintain justice in the small town of Seaton. As the British seek to clamp down on the smugglers, only the Scarecrow and his "Freedom Riders" can stand against the tyranny of the newly appointed commandant of the

  • Arthur: King of Britain #1
    Arthur: King of Britain #1

    First exciting issue! From Michael Fraley comes this history of the famous character known as King Arthur. This fully illustrated comic is based of the original adventure of Arthur as written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century. Geoffreys work is considered one of the most important books of the medieval period and served as the skeleton of which all Arthurian tales have been based. This was the original work created before later authors and Hollywood added their own embellishments.

  • Arthur: King of Britain #2
    Arthur: King of Britain #2

    Michael Fraley continues his interpretation of Geoffrey of Monmouths tale of the legendary Arthur. In Geoffreys work, there was no Camelot, no round table, no grail, and no Knights of Chivalry. But there is Arthur and this is his tale. The character of Arthur is considered to be based on a real person that Geoffrey discovered in his research. The mentor and magician, Merlin, was a creation of Geoffrey that was added to serve as a narration device for unveiling the tale.

  • Arthur: King of Britain #3
    Arthur: King of Britain #3

    With his struggles against the Saxons, the Scots, and the Picts nearly finished, Arthur grows restless and he bids his new wife farewell to sail off to conquer new lands. He sets his sights on Gaul and eventually to all of Europe.

  • Arthur: King of Britain #4
    Arthur: King of Britain #4

    Arthur sails from Europe and realizes he is in for the fight of his life as he has dared to challenge the might of the Roman Empire itself. However, first he is diverted by tales of giants and Arthur decides to search for them.

  • Arthur: King of Britain #5
    Arthur: King of Britain #5

    In this double sized issue finale, Arthur ascends to one final battle, a battle to the death with the evil Modred and can even his study sword, Caliburn, save the great King from the greatest threat to his throne?

  • Arthur: King of Britain (Graphic Novel)
    Arthur: King of Britain (Graphic Novel)

    The entire Arthur: King of Britain saga collected (1-5). From Michael Fraley comes the history of the famous character known as King Arthur. This fully illustrated comic is based of the original adventure of Arthur as written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century. Geoffreys work is considered one of the most important books of the medieval period and served as the skeletal framework of which all later Arthurian tales have been based. This was the work created before later authors and Hollywood...

  • Autumn (Graphic Novel)
    Autumn (Graphic Novel)

    London 1942. The true horror wasnt from the air or in the was underground. As German bombs pummel the city of London, the leaves of autumn begin to fall and so do the victims. A young boy's fascination with a local serial killer will plunge himself into a life-long obsession. The story of Autumn is a number of things: a coming of age story, a tale of revenge, a study in obsession, and a post war Gothic horror story. Set in and under London, the main characters are not the victims, the...

  • Bounty and Navarro: Tales of the Old West #1
    Bounty and Navarro: Tales of the Old West #1

    A veteran bounty hunter William "Mac" McDermott in the Old West on his way to deliver a dead bounty happens to come across a woman and her son on their way to California. The bounty decides to ride with them as they are being threatened by bandits who are hoping to take their land claim. Additional tale of an Indian scout for the US Cavalry who, while serving for the army, returns to find his village has been wiped out by renegade soldiers, and now seeks his revenge.

  • Burke & Hare (Graphic Novel)
    Burke & Hare (Graphic Novel)

    In 1828, two Irishmen named William Burke and William Hare murdered 16 people and disposed of the bodies to Dr Robert Knox at Edinburgh University for dissection, setting in motion a scandal that would rock the world's medical establishment. Writer Martin Conaghan and artist Will Pickering deliver a ghoulishly true story of of medicine, murder and money set at the height of Edinburgh's enlightenment. In addition to the full length comic story, the book is also fully annotated.. Introduction by Judge...

  • Camelot Eternal #1 : Avalon Denied
    Camelot Eternal #1 : Avalon Denied

    "Avalon Denied" A unique tale of King Arthur and his Knights. Here, King Arthur didn't die in the last epic battle against his bastard son Modred, but instead continued to rule. However, the division amongst his men continues and he struggles to maintain control. Modred has also survived and more treachery is revealed as he will do anything to exact revenge against his father and the Kingdom of Camelot.

  • Camelot Eternal #2: An Ominous Interlude
    Camelot Eternal #2: An Ominous Interlude

    "An Ominous Interluded" Having survived the battle with Mordred and his army, Arthur begins to have visions of an invading army. Bickering amongst his knights continues as Sir Launcelot continues his love affair with Queen Gwynevere. And Mordred, held prisoner by Merlin, plots his revenge and makes alliances.

  • Camelot Eternal #3: Leaving Home
    Camelot Eternal #3: Leaving Home

    "Leaving Home" Shacked in Merlin's dungeon, Mordred befriends Sir Aggravayne and instructs him to undermine his fellow Knights against one another. Arthur, finding no help from Merlin to interpret his dream of an invading army decides to leave Camelot and seek out the hermit Nacien.

  • Camelot Eternal #4: When the Kings Away
    Camelot Eternal #4: When the Kings Away

    "When the Kings Away" Arthur's visit to the hermit Nacien quells his troubling visions but Nacien does not tell him of the far greater danger facing Camelot. Launcelot and Gwynevere decide to stop their love affair after one last night together but Arthur arrives back in Camelot that morning.

  • Chillers - Book One (Graphic Novel)
    Chillers - Book One (Graphic Novel)

    Based on the classic Chillers feature film from Troma! Evil travels in many forms…even by bus. 11 stories presented in this anthology release as our transit bus driver ‘and host’, Peterr Jesus, delivers folks to their final destination and shares with us their tales of horror and misery. In the tradition of such shows as Night Gallery and a darker Twilight Zone, the original director of the acclaimed Chillers feature film, Daniel Boyd, delivers a unique blend of stories for horror and gothic loving...

  • Chillers - Book Two (Graphic Novel)
    Chillers - Book Two (Graphic Novel)

    The first volume was nominated for Best Anthology graphic novel by both Shel Dorf Awards and the Ghastly Awards. It was also named as Best Horror Anthology for 2012 by Decapitated Dan's Dark Delights. The second volume continues the quality with 14 ALL NEW tales based on the classic Troma feature film, Chillers that was written and directed by Daniel Boyd. Here Boyd has assembled much of the same talents for this second volume and included some great new additions. Join in as the Babylon Bus picks...

  • Deadworld V2: #10
    Deadworld V2: #10

    The Voodoo Queen summons up more of the dead to rise and a possessed Dan joins her in the rituals. King Zombie is stunned to find out that he has lost control of the zombies. Albert finds out what his true purpose is...he will chronicle all of the events of the new history of the world. And Joey learns of the history behind the lepers.

  • Deadworld V2: #3
    Deadworld V2: #3

    Bowker’s end play to take over the city and then turn over Deake to King Zombie is put into motion. King Zombie declares war...he is tired of dealing with humans. The mysterious force known as Amy takes over a little girl who is brought into the biker camp where Donna, Joey and Percy are...but the girl senses a great evil...exactly what she was looking for.

  • Deadworld V2: #4
    Deadworld V2: #4

    Moloch is now in control of the military city but it is under siege from the zombies. Bowker turns over Deake to Kiing Zombie, not understanding why he needs him so badly. King Zombie says his zombies have to feed but Bowker says the city is off limits. Bowker directs the zombies to the Donna's motorcycle gang...let the zombies take care of that problem.

  • Deadworld V2: #6
    Deadworld V2: #6

    New creatures of the undead cross over from the Gateway to follow King Zombie and infest the land. Joining the mighty Grakken are the demon dogs and demonflytes. Dead-Killer must choose between killing King Zombie or Deake in order to stop the Gateway from permanently opening. A wounded Dan is found by Katherine’s people.

  • Deadworld V2: #7
    Deadworld V2: #7

    Donna helps Dan to recuperate in Katherine's camp but Dan is plagued by voices in his head...he is being called by a new Voodoo Queen. The Vamp finds a new female body, one that she hopes will appeal to Bowker. And Joey trys to get some answers out of the Dead-Killer.

  • Deadworld V2: #8
    Deadworld V2: #8

    Dead-Killer trains Joey in zombie killing and takes him to the town of Brunson which is full of lepers, victims of in-human scientific experiments. As King Zombie rides his skeletal horse, he is surprised by another Gateway opening but this one is different...and inside are mysterious beings. And Vamp has here body tattooed to appease Bowker.