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  • Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean (4182) - The Cannibal Escape - Suitable For Ages 6-12 Year
    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean (4182) - The Cannibal Escape - Suitable For Ages 6-12 Year

    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean - Cannibal Escape. Make a daring escape with Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner from this remote village with this LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean™ set! Ruuuun! Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner have escaped from the cannibal village and are being chased by their hungry foes. Can they reach the safety of the Black Pearl before their guests really do have them for dinner? Features LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean™ Features Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and 2 Cannibal...

  • Annimal + Cannibal (2CD)
    Annimal + Cannibal (2CD)

    Description Worldwide pop superstar Ke$ha releases 2CD package ‘Animal +Cannibal’, available in NZ on November 22. The package includes her #1 debut album ‘Animal’ along with second CD ‘Cannibal’ which contains 9 additional songs (including current hit ‘We R Who We R’) plus 3 unreleased videos. Track Listing: 1: 1. Your Love Is My Drug 2. TiK ToK 3. Take It Off 4. Kiss N Tell 5. Stephen 6. Blah Blah Blah 7. Hungover 8. Party At A Rich Dude’s House 9. Backstabber...

  • Cannibal! The Musical
    Cannibal! The Musical

    Cannibal! The Musical is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America - Alfred Packer. The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Prye as he awaits his execution. And his story goes like this: While searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors, including toe-tapping songs!


    Cannibal Holocaust Blu Ray from DVDLand.Banned and heavily censored the world over, Cannibal Holocaust was for years reviled as one of the most repugnant and morally questionable films ever made, and possibly the most horrifying ever. Cannibal Holocaust presents the "found footage" of a group of four documentary filmmakers who experience brutal death at the hands of a savage South American tribe of flesh-eaters. This footage is so intense, so graphic and so unflinching in its realism that the...

  • The Cannibal Night
    The Cannibal Night

    This is a collection of haunting and breathtaking short stories. The characters are beings oppressed by their fears, tyrannized by their weaknesses, confused by their own dreams. An aura of death and delirium hovers over their lives forcing them to reveal the hidden boundaries of human nature. These stories inhabit the limits between reality and madness, between ordinary occurrences and unexpected coincidences. It is at these crossroads where the world becomes most unsettling and we are forced to...

  • Eddy Merckx: The Cannibal
    Eddy Merckx: The Cannibal

    'The whole point of a race is to find a winner... I chose to race, so I chose to win.' For 14 years between 1965 and 1978, cyclist Edouard Louis Joseph Merckx simply devoured his rivals, their hopes and their careers. His legacy resides as much in the careers he ruined as the 445 victories - including five Tour de France wins and all the monument races - he amassed in his own right. So dominant had Merckx become by 1973 that he was ordered to stay away from the Tour for the good of the event. ...

  • The Reluctant Cannibals
    The Reluctant Cannibals

    When a group of food-obsessed academics at Oxford University form a secret dining society, they happily devote themselves to investigating exotic and forgotten culinary treasures. Until a dish is suggested that takes them all by surprise. Professor Arthur Plantagenet has been told he has a serious heart problem and decides that his death should not be in vain. He sets out his bizarre plan in a will, that on his death, tests the loyalty of his closest friends, the remaining members of this exclusive...

  • Cannibal Old Me
    Cannibal Old Me

    “Mary Bercaw Edwards has researched the sources very thoroughly, going well beyond the previously published source studies. The result is a sound historical account of the ‘talk’ Melville encountered in the 1840s, and in emphasizing the oral sources of Melville’s discourses, Edwards provides an original contribution to source studies of Melville. She presents her research interestingly as well, in clear, readable prose. Her scholarship will certainly be of interest to Melville scholars, but it will...

  • Half a Million Dead Cannibals
    Half a Million Dead Cannibals

    All that's keeping Riley from the man he's falling in love with is the ruins of a city filled with half a million dead cannibals.Strangers, Riley and Graham sheltered together in a basement storage unit when the zombie outbreak slammed into the world three months ago. They lived through the first blast of the plague, but they may not last much longer among survivors scrambling for dwindling resources. They agree to hike from the city and to the safety of the mountains.They don't count on the storm...

  • Our Cannibals, Ourselves
    Our Cannibals, Ourselves

    Why does Western culture remain fascinated with and saturated by cannibalism? Moving from the idea of the dangerous Other, Priscilla L. Walton's Our Cannibals, Ourselves shows us how modern-day cannibalism has been recaptured as in the vampire story, resurrected into the human blood stream, and mutated into the theory of germs through AIDS, Ebola, and the like. At the same time, it has expanded to encompass the workings of entire economic systems (such as in "consumer cannnibalism"). _x000B__x00...

  • Minski The Cannibal
    Minski The Cannibal

    Taken from Juliette, the Marquis de Sades epic of vice, the episode of MINSKI?THE?CANNIBAL is one of the most horrific and depraved in all of the authors canon. Whilst venturing in remote mountains, Juliette and her companions are accosted by Minski, a giant who devours human flesh, and taken to his castle. There they witness obscene rites of sexual carnage, played out in a subterranean slaughterhouse for human cattle. This special ebook edition of MINSKI THE?CANNIBAL also includes an illuminating...

  • The Cannibal Islands
    The Cannibal Islands

    The Cannibal Islands

  • Cannibals of Alaska: Fact or Fable?
    Cannibals of Alaska: Fact or Fable?

    Doctor Miles Brae called Doc read the journal his Dad kept. The part that caught his attention and piqued his curiosity was the story that Roy told about cannibals in Alaska. He and his sidekick Jeff Beeler made plans to investigate the story Roy told. Doc's daughter, Jenny Joe disliked Jeff, but decided to go to Alaska with them. They traveled by truck through Canada and visited places Doc's father wrote about in his journal. They had support crews in Fairbanks, Coldfoot, Deadhorse and Kaktovik...

  • Cannibals: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes
    Cannibals: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes

    Is cannibalism the expression of an evil urge for revenge? A form of punishment? A religious rite or a sexual depravity? Or is the taste for the flesh of another human being so irresistible that it is a mixture of all of these, driving one person to kill and devour another. This books delves into the gruesome history of cannibalism and explains the psychology behind anthropophagy – the four medically recognised areas of criminal cannibalism – sexual, aggressive, nutritional and spiritual/religious...

  • Columbus and Other Cannibals
    Columbus and Other Cannibals

    Celebrated American Indian thinker Jack D. Forbes’s Columbus and Other Cannibals was one of the founding texts of the anticivilization movement when it was first published in 1978. His history of terrorism, genocide, and ecocide told from a Native American point of view has inspired America’s most influential activists for decades. Frighteningly, his radical critique of the modern "civilized" lifestyle is more relevant now than ever before.Identifying the Western compulsion to consume the earth as...

  • It's True! Frogs are Cannibals (2)
    It's True! Frogs are Cannibals (2)

    Everything you wanted to know about frogs, this is one of the first six titles launching the fantastic new non-fiction series, It fs True! Psst! It's true! This is the best book on FROGS you'll ever read!Where do frogs go in the daytime? Is the Boiling Frog Theory true? How do frogs climb up sheets of glass? Mike Tyler, Australia's Frogman', has all the answers. Read this book to find out about poison-dart frogs, toad tunnels, stowaway frogs, frogs that sunbake and frogs that have anti-freeze in...

  • Killers and Cannibals and Crazies! Oh My!
    Killers and Cannibals and Crazies! Oh My!

    From the bestselling author of "Case Not Closed", Killers and Cannibals and Crazies, Oh My! is a collection of Brandy Sullivan's short novellas focused on the dark realities human kind easily forgets about. This is truly the stuff nightmares are made of and it is all real... Killers... Serial murders, especially those unsolved, are one of the most horrific things that can happen to a town. The very thought that there is someone stalking the streets as a hunter stalks its prey, the streets that you...

  • Life Among the Cannibals
    Life Among the Cannibals

    A revealing memoir of how Washington is changing---and not for the betterDuring a storied thirty-year career in the U.S. Senate, Arlen Specter rose to Judiciary Committee chairman, saved and defeated Supreme Court nominees, championed NIH funding, wrote watershed crime laws, always staying defiantly independent, “The Contrarian,” as Time magazine billed him in a package of the nation’s ten-best Senators. It all ended with one vote, for President Obama’s stimulus, when Specter broke with Republicans...

  • The Crossbow Cannibal
    The Crossbow Cannibal

    A major search and recovery operation began when a young woman's remains were recovered in the River Aire in May 2010. Police had been investigating the disappearance of Shelley Armitage and Susan Rushworth who had gone missing in 2009; but the remains belonged to Suzanne Blamires and were to unravel a gruesome and horrifying chain of events. 40-year-old PhD student Stephen Griffiths was arrested by West Yorkshire Police after CCTV footage of him attacking Ms Blamires at his block of flats was discovered...

  • The Last Cannibals
    The Last Cannibals

    An especially comprehensive study of Brazilian Amazonian Indian history, The Last Cannibals is the first attempt to understand, through indigenous discourse, the emergence of Upper Xingú society. Drawing on oral documents recorded directly from the native language, Ellen Basso transcribes and analyzes nine traditional Kalapalo stories to offer important insights into Kalapalo historical knowledge and the performance of historical narratives within their nonliterate society.This engaging book challenges...


    Cannibal Holocaust DVD from DVDLand. Banned in Australia since its release in the early 80's, Cannibal Holocaust was for years reviled as one of the most repugnant and morally questionable films ever made - and possibly the most horrifying ever!The story concerns the efforts of a group of American explorers to discover the fate of a missing documentary film crew. They receive a scratchy film-reel containing the bloody truth from a tribe of tree-dwelling natives, and the reel's contents...

  •  Cannibals

    On a farm, in a village, on the fringe of Europe, life is simple but hard. When the sweeping forces of war and progress pass through, Lizaveta must run for her life. Finding shelter on an old woman�s farm, she tries to piece her life back together. But her past catches up with her and she must keep moving.Her journey through a land of mud and blood, icon painters and holy fools, takes her across continents to the other side of the world. Through Lizaveta�s eyes familiar places and notions of love...

  • Among the Cannibals
    Among the Cannibals

    It's the stuff of nightmares, the dark inspiration for literature and film. But astonishingly, cannibalism does exist, and in Among the Cannibals travel writer Paul Raffaele journeys to the far corners of the globe to discover participants in this mysterious and disturbing practice. From an obscure New Guinea river village, where Raffaele went in search of one of the last practicing cannibal cultures on Earth; to India, where the Aghori sect still ritualistically eat their dead; to North America...

  • Camp Cannibal
    Camp Cannibal

    It’s been two years since the summer that changed Dave’s life.It was summer camp, girls, skinny dipping, smoking joints in the woods, and…a horde of cannibals that kidnapped his girlfriend. He hasn’t really been the same ever since. It doesn’t help that his family thought he was lying and sent him to a therapist. Dave is so tired of being made fun of that he doesn’t talk about that summer to anyone. In fact, no one has ever heard the whole story.Now Dave has been invited to a wild spring break vacation...

  • Cannibal Jack
    Cannibal Jack

    In a frontier society full of colourful characters in early nineteenth century New Zealand, Jacky Marmon, more commonly known as Cannibal Jack, was more colourful than most. Jumping ship off the New Zealand coast, he first lived among Ngäpuhi at the Bay of Islands, where he acquired five wives and served his chief as a trader and white priest. Joining Hongi Hika's great Musket Wars campaigns against the Tamaki and Kaipara tribes, he claimed to have served as Hika's personal war tohunga. He survived...

  • Cannibal Man
    Cannibal Man

    "A woman is raped every sixteen seconds in South Africa." -South African Government Statistics 2012 Four women have had their faces eaten off while being brutally raped. Detectives Timothy Sauer and George Hobbs from the Serious Crimes Unit, are assigned to the cases and have to deal with missing evidence, a corrupt state and bribery within the South African Police Services.

  • Cannibal Talk: The Man-Eating Myth and Human Sacrifice in the South Seas
    Cannibal Talk: The Man-Eating Myth and Human Sacrifice in the South Seas

    In this radical reexamination of the notion of cannibalism, Gananath Obeyesekere offers a fascinating and convincing argument that cannibalism is mostly "cannibal talk," a discourse on the Other engaged in by both indigenous peoples and colonial intruders that results in sometimes funny and sometimes deadly cultural misunderstandings. Turning his keen intelligence to Polynesian societies in the early periods of European contact and colonization, Obeyesekere deconstructs Western eyewitness accounts...

  • Cannibals and Kings
    Cannibals and Kings

    In this brilliant and profound study the distinguished American anthropologist Marvin Harris shows how the endless varieties of cultural behavior -- often so puzzling at first glance -- can be explained as adaptations to particular ecological conditions. His aim is to account for the evolution of cultural forms as Darwin accounted for the evolution of biological forms: to show how cultures adopt their characteristic forms in response to changing ecological modes."[A] magisterial interpretation of...

  • Naked Among Cannibals: What really happens inside Australian banks
    Naked Among Cannibals: What really happens inside Australian banks

    An insider's story of how Australian banks have lost the trust and respect of their customers by relentlessly pursuing profits.

  • Notorious Cannibals
    Notorious Cannibals

    Cannibals have this evil mystique that makes them a subject of fascination and dread. For them it’s not enough to kill but they also consume the flesh of their prey.  Jeffrey Dahmer tops the list as the most notorious serial killer of modern times. Besides killing and eating his victims, he kept photographs of them in their gory butchered state. One may wonder, “How did these evil individuals get away with killing so many innocent victims? Were they lucky or was it police incompetence?”