Caroline Lisfranc
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  •  Caroline

    A prominent local businessman walks into a police station suffering from an apparent breakdown and confesses to murder. A body is found triggering a murder investigation that seems an open and shut case - until Caroline tells her story. A short story.One of six short stories also published in an anthology by the author under the title 'Pieces of Fate'.

  • Caroline's Choice
    Caroline's Choice

    At age twenty-six, Caroline Frankston is certain life is passing her by in the town of Barton Creek. Matthew Haynes has made no indication of his feelings for her, so she decides the time has come for her to move away from her family and friends for a fresh start. Once in Oklahoma City, Caroline is fascinated by the many opportunities there and begins moving on with her life. Meanwhile, Matt realizes his true feelings for Caroline and plans to tell her on her next trip home. When Caroline’s train...

  • Sweet Caroline
    Sweet Caroline

    Caroline serves others with little time to enjoy the sweeter parts of life. Until her old boyfriend returns to town--and she's given a second chance at first love.Life hasn't always been so sweet for Caroline Sweeny. She's sacrifice her desires for others--unlike her mother who abandoned their family years ago. But when a friend challenges her to accept an exciting job adventure in Spain, Caroline says "yes" to a new destiny. But before she can pack her bags, Caroline suddenly finds herself the new...

  • Killing Caroline
    Killing Caroline

    Nothing can come between two sisters. Except murder... Althea James is the girl everyone loves to ignore. Even her parents act like she doesn't exist, especially after her perfect sister, Caroline, arrives home from college for summer break. But the sibling rivalry Althea shares with Caroline goes much deeper than competing for their parents' affection. Caroline represents everything Althea isn't and never will be. Until one tragic night that threatens to change her life forever. Suddenly, Althea...

  • Caroline Bingley
    Caroline Bingley

    When Charles Bingley and Mr. Darcy made proposals of marriage to the Bennet sisters at the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley was both distressed by her brother’s choice of bride and humiliated by Mr. Darcy’s rejection of her. And she made her objections known. Now banished from her brother’s household, Caroline must return to her mother’s home in the north of England until she can make amends with both Bennet sisters. Desperate though Caroline may be to return to polite...

  • Caroline and Harry
    Caroline and Harry

    Caroline’s a whore, or at least that’s what Harry thinks. When Caroline shows up at her ex-boyfriend Harry’s apartment she brings more than a new stain to his living room carpet as she tries to re-ignite a romance that was destroyed through years of drug abuse, sex with strangers and insults that hurt worse than a rusty needle.Harry’s insults about Caroline’s drug abuse and presumed prostitution begin to show parallels between his stagnant lifestyle of Friday nights drinking alone in his bedroom...

  • A Tribute to Caroline Benn: Education and Democracy
    A Tribute to Caroline Benn: Education and Democracy

    A Tribute to Caroline Benn: Education and Democracy

  • Caroline of Lichtfield: by Isabelle de Montolieu
    Caroline of Lichtfield: by Isabelle de Montolieu

    Caroline of Lichtfield: by Isabelle de Montolieu

  • By Caroline Magerl (Illustrated by) and Glenda Millard
    By Caroline Magerl (Illustrated by) and Glenda Millard

    By Caroline Magerl (Illustrated by) and Glenda Millard

  • T Tahari Caroline Paneled Skirt
    T Tahari Caroline Paneled Skirt

    T Tahari Caroline Paneled Skirt-Women

  • Caroline and the Duke
    Caroline and the Duke

    A Widow Determined to be Merry   At the urging of her best friend, Caroline, Lady Ballister, seeks a lover with no emotional attachments. After all, experience has taught her that love is a fickle, pointless thing.   A Duke Determined to Marry   Sutbridge has wanted Caroline for ten years and, now that she is once again free, is determined to make her his wife. But will he settle for her body, or wage a war for the most important treasure of all: her heart?

  • Caroline's Sister
    Caroline's Sister

    To her younger sister, Tessa, Caroline O'Shaughnessy has everything - great looks, easy charm, and the distinctly desirable Damien Woods. But for Caroline, things don't feel quite so rosy. She'd dreamed about moving in with Damien, but not about having his child, just yet. And though he did the honourable thing when she told him she was pregnant, it obviously wasn't what he wanted either. And as both of them struggle to make the best of a bad job, neither are prepared for the impact a moment of drunken...

  • Caroline's Child
    Caroline's Child

    Welcome back to Promise, Texas, a ranching community deep in the Hill Country. It's a good place to live and raise a family—and a good place to visit. Yes, there's a secret or two hidden beneath Promise's everyday exterior, but what town doesn't have its secrets? Who's the father of Caroline Daniels's child? Everyone in town wants to know, but no one's ever asked—or ever will. The people of Promise are protective of Caroline and five-year-old Maggie. They care. Especially rancher Grady Weston, who...

  • Caroline Severance
    Caroline Severance

    CAROLINE SEVERANCE present s the biography of one of the forgot ten heroines of the American woman?s suffrage movement of the nineteenth century. Based upon twenty years of exhaustive research, this is the biography of a woman who was in the forefront of every human rights movement of her time. Caroline was an abolitionist, a suffragist, an advocate for women?s health and women physicians, a peace activist, and a socialist. She was a leader of the suffrage movement before the Civil War and afterward...

  • Educating Caroline
    Educating Caroline

    Lady Caroline Linford is horrified to discover... her fiancé, the Marquis of Winchilsea, in the arms of another woman. Unfortunately, Victorian society considers such masculine peccadilloes a trifle; canceling their imminent wedding would be unthinkable. But Caroline's wish is for the man she is to marry to desire only her...and she seeks lessons in the art of romance from the best teacher: London's most notorious rake. Braden Granville may be a famous lover... but he has no intention of taking...

  • Caroline Vernon
    Caroline Vernon

    Charlotte Brontë, és fivére, Branwell, 1834-ben alapította meg” Angria képzeletbeli királyságát, és az elkövetkező öt év során folytatták az angriai történeteket. Ezek egyike az 1838-39-ben keletkezett Caroline Vernon. A történet elbeszélője a cinikus, szószátyár Charles Townshend, a tizenöt-tizenhat éves, romantikus lelkű kis Caroline életútjának krónikása aki azonban nem mulasztja el az arisztokratikus világ cselszövényeinek, botrányainak ábrázolását sem. A korosodó Northangerland gróf, a törvénytelen...

  • A Christmas Caroline
    A Christmas Caroline

    Every day is like Christmas for Caroline, a young blond editor at Presents, the shopping magazine. Every day brings more free Guccis and Pradas for her magazine and her closet. But the actual Christmas is a drag: everyone gets presents. And Caroline is feeling the loss of her mysterious father more than ever. Her fabulous designer mother is in dumpy Branson, Missouri, her redheaded assistant Ursula Heep is scheming behind her back, that creepy receptionist Mrs. Defarge won't stop with the knitting...

  • Caroline And The Raider
    Caroline And The Raider

    Holding her lovely head high, Wyoming schoolmistress Caroline Chalmers did what no lady should: she marched right into the local saloon to see the dashing and reckless Guthrie Hayes. Worse still, she went to ask him for help. She needed the former Confederate raider to plan a jailbreak to rescue her fiancé, Seaton Flynn, from the hangman's noose. An orphan by spinster sisters, Caroline was prepared do almost anything to save her beloved Seaton. So why did her breath suddenly become a shivery sigh...


    Product Description Lea Thompson stars as Caroline Duffy, a cartoonist who lives in the city, has a crazy neighbour and a very confusing love life. She is just trying to figure one thing out: is her comic strip just like life, or is her life like a comic strip? Episodes: Caroline and the Younger Man Caroline and the Letter Caroline and the Cat Dancer Caroline and the Guy Who Gets There Too Soon Caroline and the Dreamers Caroline and the Nice Jewish Boy Caroline and Victor/Victoria Caroline and...

  • Caroline's Lip Balm 10g
    Caroline's Lip Balm 10g

    Description Caroline is very excited to announce the release of her new creation Caroline's Lip Balm. Caroline's Lip Balm is a specially formulated balm typically used to alleviate conditions such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin. It helps to soothe and protect lips affected by cold sores, chapping and dryness. Caroline's Lip Balm may also be used by those who typically suffer from extremely dry skin or compromised skin barrier health, for example in conditions such as: cold sores, chapped...

  • Caroline's Wash 500ml
    Caroline's Wash 500ml

    Description The natural alternative for people with soap sensitive skin Caroline's Wash is a natural, multi-tasking, luxuriant, aroma-friendly, and user-friendly product developed by the creator of 'Caroline's Cream'. Caroline's Wash cleans, soothes, softens and protects the skin from the damaging effects associated with dry skin problems. It is a convenient, gentle and easy-to-use natural alternative to soap based products. The only product of its kind, Caroline's Wash is based on the same formula...

  • Sweet Dreams, Caroline
    Sweet Dreams, Caroline

    When Carolines sister, Debra, arrives for their grandmothers funeral, Carolines life slowly begins to shatter. Debra clings to Michael, Carolines husband, in a way that should make her concerned, but she tries to brush the suspicion from her mind. When Caroline, Michael and Debra meet with the lawyer for the reading of the will, the real truth about Debra begins to unfold. Caroline is haunted by her grandmothers warning regarding her husband and her sister. Did she really make a mistake marrying...

  • Poor Caroline
    Poor Caroline

    A Most Vexatious ViscountCaptain Christopher "Kit" Meredith, recuperating from wartime injuries, learned that he had become the new Viscount of Crittendem. All he cared about was returning to Crittendem Grange and beginning a new life in peace and quiet. He was unaware that Caroline Whitlow and her two younger brothers were living at the Grange and that they would be dispossessed when he returned.When Kit learned the facts, he was happy to provide a bequest to them. But Caro was determined to refuse...

  • Caroline's Secret
    Caroline's Secret

    In Amy Lillard's poignant introduction to Wells Landing, a small Amish community is home to two brave souls hoping to forget their painful pasts and rebuild their faith in the future. . .Caroline Hostetler arrived in Oklahoma determined to forge a new life for herself and her daughter, Emma. As a single mother, she values the warmth and safety she's found in close-knit Wells Landing. She's even caught the eye of a handsome newcomer--a man who just may be the partner she longs for and the father...

  • Caroline of Lichtfield
    Caroline of Lichtfield

    Thomas Holcroft’s 1786 translation of Isabelle de Montolieu’s novel is a textual encounter between a rather conventional Swiss woman and a British radical. Caroline of Lichtfield is a sentimental novel which tells the story of a young woman who comes to realize that the young and handsome man she has fallen for is less worthy of her affections than her older, less dashing husband. The book was a hugely influential international bestseller and garnered high praise from writers such as Mary Wollstonecraft...

  • Radio Caroline
    Radio Caroline

    Radio Caroline was the world's most famous pirate radion station during its heyday in the 1960s and '70s, but did the thousands of people tuning in realise just what battles went on behind the scenes? Financed by respected city money men, this is a story of human endeavour and risk, international politics, business success and financial failures. A story of innovation, technical challenges, changing attitudes, unimaginable battles with nature, disasters, frustrations, challenging authority and the...

  • Dashell and Caroline
    Dashell and Caroline

    For Caroline, a woman whose very identity is a mystery, nothing is certain?except the love she and Dashell share. Now that crucial missing documents have been found, she has the answer to one of her biggest questions: her name. With that information in hand, she and Dashell can now begin to plan their wedding and her future as Lady Lonsdale. Dashell and his youngest brother, Maxwell, travel up to Yorkshire to find out what they can, and what they do discover greatly saddens them. Another search commenced...

  • Caroline & Charlotte
    Caroline & Charlotte

    Caroline of Brunswick, wife of George Prince of Wales and Prince Regent, and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, lived out their lived surrounded by a cast of characters who might have been lifted straight from the pages of some Gothic novel. Theirs was a saga of passion and pathos, tragedy and black comedy, feuding and fighting -- all set in Regency England against a backdrop of Europe in turmoil. The marriage of the Prince of Wales -- renowned for his intemperance, hedonism and plain ordinary selfishness...

  • Caroline, or Change
    Caroline, or Change

    “There are moments in the history of theatre when stagecraft takes a new turn. I like to think that this happened for the American musical last week, when Tony Kushner’s Caroline, or Change (at the Public), a collaboration with composer Jeanine Tesori and the director George C. Wolfe, bushwhacked a path beyond the narrative end of the deconstructed, overfreighted musicals of the past thirty years.”—John Lahr, The New YorkerLouisiana, 1963: A nation reeling from the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement...

  • Caroline the Queen
    Caroline the Queen

    Plaidy has the abilty of making history accessible and a joy to read. Caroline's long wait is up. George I is dead, and her husband is King. They immediately make the unfortunate discovery that most of the jewels and inheritance have been leaked away to mistresses of the old King. Catherine, with the assistance of Prime Minister Walpole, slowly begins to repair the damage done to England by previous sovereigns. She does her duty to the best of her ability, monitoring decisions made by her arrogant...