Ghosts And Goblins Commodore
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  •  Goblins

    A brother and sister find themselves in a fight for their lives when they are attacked by bloodthirsty goblins in an abandoned Southern town.

  • The Goblin
    The Goblin

    Thrax. The most heinous murderer in goblin lore. Thrax. Who kills for sport in the absence of need. The Goblin Lord Maelstrom thinks his loyalty can be bought for gold. Finn, his childhood friend, believes his loyalty can be earned. But Finn doesn’t know the truth behind his own mother’s death. Thrax. Vile, savage, amoral Thrax. His one claim to virtue is that you can trust his word. If he says he’s going to kill you, you should be prepared to die.Not every story has a happy ending.Follow the adventures...

  • Goblin Tales
    Goblin Tales

    A vengeful ghost trapped in a goblin's ear ... a flaming spider who must help stop a goddess from conquering a science fiction convention ... a goblin nursery worker who finds herself trapped in the middle of a war. This collection features five humorous short stories that explore the fantasy realm from the perspective of the lowest of the low, the unlikeliest of unheroes: the goblins. This collection includes five stories from the author of the GOBLIN QUEST trilogy. Each story includes an afterward...

  • The Commodore
    The Commodore

    Jack Aubrey's long service is at last rewarded: he is promoted to the rank of Commodore, and given a squadron of ships to command.

  • Light String - Goblin Glows
    Light String - Goblin Glows

    This light string has 8 goblins which light up. Note that these are suitable for indoor use only. Requires 2 x AA batteries included with pack. The ghost light up and change colour at fast and slow speeds. Each ghost is 9 cm x 8 cm. The dimensions below are for the product packaging.

  • The Faithful Goblin
    The Faithful Goblin


  • The Commodore
    The Commodore

    When Jack Aubrey is promoted to the rank of Commodore and given a squadron of ships to command, his twofold mission involves making a dent in the slave trade off the coast of Africa and intercepting a French fleet carrying weapons to the disaffected Irish.

  • The Commodore
    The Commodore

    Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin tales are widely acknowledged to be the greatest series of historical novels ever written. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of their beginning, with Master and Commander, these evocative stories are being re-issued in paperback with smart new livery. This is the seventeenth book in the series.Jack Aubrey's long service is at last rewarded: he is promoted to the rank of Commodore and given a squadron of ships to command. His mission is twofold -- to make a large...

  • The Commodore
    The Commodore

    What if you had to be at a particular train station in England at a particular time on a particular day and you didn't know why? What if you met that one person there that meant everything to you but you hadn't met before and she had been compelled to be at that station at that time on that day as well? What if many things between you were familiar but yet you didn't know why? In The Commodore these are the questions that Jack and Emma ask themselves as they meet for the first time in a train station...

  • I Am A Goblin
    I Am A Goblin

    I Am A Goblin

  • Goblin City
    Goblin City

    Everyone knows the reputation that Goblins have; nasty, slobbering little creatures, whose only purpose is to die in droves, slain by some noble band of heroes. What if Goblins decided they wanted to become civilized? What then? Would a world dominated by Humans and Elves believe them, or even permit them to gather and build a city? Goblin City is the tale of an enterprising Goblin, named Grum, who strives to do that very thing. He struggles against all odds to unite several unruly Goblin clans,...

  • Davy and the Goblin
    Davy and the Goblin

    A classic for young readers. Davy goes on a trip with a goblin, and meets Robin Hood, Mother Hubbard, and numerous other characters.

  • The Goblin Slayer
    The Goblin Slayer

    Stolen by goblins and raised as a slave, a young gnome escapes into a world more shocking than anything in his gnomish nightmares.Rescued by revolutionaries, Telle travels a world in decline and infested with Goblins. He rides astride a massive dog, seeks the God of his father's bedtime whispers, skewers Goblins at every turn, and answers the question: If there's a god, why are there Goblins?

  • A Goblin's Tale
    A Goblin's Tale

    A goblin patrolman finds a human family traveling through his clan's valley and must relay the news to his territorial chieftain.

  • Goblin Quest
    Goblin Quest

    The third in the fantastically exciting trilogy set in a land of magic from the award-winning Philip Reeve. The heroes of GOBLINS and GOBLINS VS DWARVES (9781407134802) continue their adventures outside the walls of Clovenstone castle. Awaiting Skarper and Henwyn are powerful dark forces that must be vanquished, monstrous creatures to be fought, and astonishing mysteries to be solved.

  • The Goblins of Labyrinth
    The Goblins of Labyrinth

    In 1986, the magical fantasy movie "Labyrinth" introduced the world to a set of unforgettable goblins from the minds of Jim Henson and Brian Froud. Not only has the film become a classic with a huge cult following, but Brian Froud's long out- of-print book about the malevolent and cantankerous goblins -- packed with his brilliant drawings and paintings -- has achieved similar cult status. Now Abrams is proudly reissuing "The Goblins of Labyrinth" in a brand-new 20th Anniversary Edition. With even...

  • Goblin Nation
    Goblin Nation

    The climactic conclusion to the Stonetellers saga! Goblin Nation concludes The Stonetellers trilogy, finding Direfang and his army of goblins and hobgoblins deep in the Qualinesti Forest. Although they are far from the Dark Knights' mining camp they escaped from, they are also far from safe. The forest is fraught with its own deadly dangers--with the entire world seemingly bent on keeping the goblins from founding their new homeland. But Direfang is resolute and will risk all their lives in a final...

  • Romance And Goblins
    Romance And Goblins

    Short Story Press Presents Romance And Goblins by Blaise MarcouxFourteen-year old Eador has never remembered a time he wasn't a slave to the goblins. In their dark kingdom underground, he works blindly at their tasks while suffering their belittlement. Finally, though, two warriors named Thorsen and Coreon rescue Eador from the creatures' grasp. The three humans journey to the village On The Rocks of Tyvar River, but not everything is as it seems.* Who is the mysterious goblin girl who spied on Eador...


    A heavily counterweighted straight running lure with an aggressive action. The heavy, balanced belly weight keeps the Goblin swimming upright at all times , churning out the long smoke trail that the Goblin is renown for. When anglers see it for the first in the water they are impressed at the ease at which this highly active lure trolls. The Goblin can be placed in any position in the spread.

  • Ghosts & Goblins Coloring Book
    Ghosts & Goblins Coloring Book

    Description Coloring entertains kids for hours at a time-- especially when the coloring pages are as adorable as these from the Sockheadz and Halloween Howls line! With 72 pages and 6 colored pencils, plus stickers all in one package at a fantastic price, these make great impulse items. Product Features: * Attention getting illustrations * Interactive story promotes joy of reading * Stickers * Supports hand / eye coordination * Color Pencils INCLDUED * Child safety tested

  • The Princess and the Goblin [con Glossario in Italiano]
    The Princess and the Goblin [con Glossario in Italiano]

    The Princess and the Goblin [con Glossario in Italiano]

  • Goblin in the Bush
    Goblin in the Bush

    Gibblewort is a nasty little Irish goblin. One day he gets sick of the rain and damp of his homeland and decides to go to Australia instead. At first, he's delighted with his new home, which is as sunny and dry as any goblin could hope for. But when he gets to know the local flora and fauna, he gets more than he bargains for and makes a hasty retreat back to Ireland, where he feels safe and secure. The other goblins aren't pleased to see him back and when gets really nasty, they threaten to send...

  • Ghosts And Goblins Of Rainbow Road
    Ghosts And Goblins Of Rainbow Road

    It's Halloween night and Blake and Breonna follow a moonbow for their sixth trip down Rainbow Road.Lucky Leprechaun gives Breonna the gold coin for Invisibility.The kids are magically transported to the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.Can Blake use his Super Strength and X-Ray Vision and Breonna use her Super Hearing and Invisibility to save a woman from being burned at the stake?Can they defeat an ogre?Can they get home from a different century?How do they change the course of history?

  • Night Goblin
    Night Goblin

    Night Goblin started out as the baddest high school line backer you can even imagine. At six feet four inches and 240 pounds he was strong enough to fight through a 300 pound offensive tackle and fast enough to cover a 170 pound fly boy on a deep pass pattern.Then, one night, his girlfriend's father attacked him with a fireplace poker, hitting Night Goblin in the face.Before trial, Nigh Goblin was given a choice, go to prison for a long time or else he could join the service. Having no real choice...

  • The Pantyhose Goblin
    The Pantyhose Goblin

    Citizens are being terrorized by a criminal known as the Pantyhose Goblin, a creature responsible for spreading ugliness and mutation all around. This is the story of the police officer who tracked him down and brought him to justice.

  • Goblin In The City
    Goblin In The City

    Gibblewort the goblin thinks he is on the way home to Ireland...until he gets thrown out of a mail van into the middle of a busy, bustling city. Blither and blather! Where are the grey clouds? Where is the squelchy rain? And where is the icy breeze a goblin loves so well? Yikes! Gibblewort is lost in the big city and he soon finds himself in all sorts of trouble. About the AuthorVictor Kelleher was born in London and came to Australia in 1976 via Africa and New Zealand. After an academic career he...

  • Goblin on the Reef
    Goblin on the Reef

    Gibblewort the Irish goblin is as nasty as ever. When his goblin friends get tired of his wicked ways, they teach him a lesson by packing him off to a damp part of Australia. The place he ends up in couldn't be damper - the Great Barrier Reef! Delight in the adventures of Gibblewort and the creatures he meets there. About the AuthorVICTOR KELLEHER was born in London and came to Australia in 1976 via Africa and New Zealand. After an academic career he now writes both children's and adults' novels...

  • The Goblin Hunters
    The Goblin Hunters

    At the command of High King Osric, The Queen's Own Legion marches to the deserts of Xulanct. Aine Ceallaigh and her Maidens take up the Cross and begin a harrowing journey through the Iarlaithe Mountains where their fates intertwine with those of Martin Reamon, Braslav Tlapinski, and Anwend Halfdane. Evan MacKeth follows the Call of Almighty God, toward an uncertain future, and the Red Goblin Klabaga gathers allies for a decisive battle against the world of men. The Goblin Hunters is the sequel to...

  • The Goblin Stories
    The Goblin Stories

    A slim volume of ten Book at Bedtime tales of Sid and Percy the naughty goblins. They live in a tree in Coconut Grove and play tricks on Grandma and Grandad who live not far away. Based on the traditional English bedtime story, the tales are parables of goblin trickery and cunning but with outcomes that are intended to lead children to reflect on the rights and wrongs of unsound behavior, yet in a manner that young children can enjoy. A fun and happy way to end the day for parent and child alike.

  • Goblin King
    Goblin King

    "An intriguing story, engagingly told. Who would have thought a goblin could make such a compelling hero? Darkly Celtic, richly imagined, this is paranormal romance at its best." – Juliet Marillier, award-winning author of Daughter of the ForestOnce upon a time ...A man was cursed to the Shadowlands, his heart replaced with a cold lump of gold. In legends, he became known asthe Goblin King.For a favored few he will grant a wish. Yet, desperately clinging to his waning human soul, his own desire...