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  •  Cathexis

    While still a young boy Tagan confesses to his parents that he can see into the beautiful world of Quanna Eresse. Their over the top reaction convinces Tagan that something is wrong with him and he tries to suppress his ability. Forget about it altogether. But Tagan comes to learn that those in Quanna Eresse have been waiting for this moment to end a conflict with the Draepkos that started long ago in the pages of history lost to time.The Draepkos are also aware of Tagan’s ability and are terrified...

  • The Locust Fields: Bk. 1
    The Locust Fields: Bk. 1

    Description No one, on that warm summer's day, could have foretold the orgy of wanton death and destruction, which was set on a collision course towards the peaceful kingdom of Mercia. A small group; thrown together through fate. Tagan, a Prince of Mercia, Mortimer, an old man who has the look of a wizard, Faith, a fairy, Aaron and Tim, two brothers who look completely unlike each other, and Death, a spirit who's help seemed to be conditional. These are all that stand between the earth's survival...

  • Tagan Boyleg - Black
    Tagan Boyleg - Black

    Keep on trend with a classic black and ivory beauty with the Tagan Boyleg. - Ivory and Black lace boyleg panties - Scalloped edges sit smooth on the skin - Part of the Tegan Collection