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  • Tamiko: A Family History
    Tamiko: A Family History

    A poignant memoir that tells Tamiko’s remarkable life journey in Japan. Following the sudden death of her mother, she continued to endure struggles throughout childhood and financial ruin while raising her own family during post-war Japan, her unwavering faith helped her overcome the many challenges she faced during a time when the country was trying to rebuild itself.

  • My Own Winter Sun
    My Own Winter Sun

    My Own Winter Sun (SUMMARY) BY TESS NEIS The fame and fortune that went with success had a price. For Erik Robson, quintessential English heartthrob, it was boredom. He was sick of the screaming fans and the flashing cameras of the paparazzi that never failed to trail him wherever he went. He was tired of the attention that was always attached to anything he said or did. All he wanted was to restore some semblance of normality and order in his life. As fate would have it, he met Tamiko who turned...

  • The Marriage
    The Marriage

    It has been decades since World War 11 ended but Joe King is still wrestling with his vivid memories and hatred for his old enemy. It is the spring of 1974 in New Zealand when Joe receives word that his son, Tony, is coming home. He is excited and happy but Joe?s world changes in an instant when Tony steps off the plane with his new wife, Tamiko. When Joe---who is known for being a good man with a generous heart---is suddenly forced to face his animosity for the Japanese, his anger implodes, taking...