Tara Jarmon
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  • Gloves TARA JARMON for women
    Gloves TARA JARMON for women

    Lightweight sweater Solid color Rhinestone detailing Bow detailing Knitted not made of fur Lightweight sweater

  • Belt TARA JARMON for women
    Belt TARA JARMON for women

    Varnished effect Solid color No appliqués Buckle Woven not made of fur

  •  Tara

    In the East End, twelve-year-old Tara witnesses her villain of a father almost kill her mother. She forges a determination then and there to change her life. This is the story of three beautiful and talented women. Mabel, whose great love for a gambling man has brought her close to insanity; gentle Amy, who marries a man brutalised by war and failure; and Tara, who is hungry for success and life on her own terms. To have both, she must battle against the legacy these two women have left her, the...

  •  Tara

    ‘A playwright of world stature’—Mario Relich, Wasafiri Tara and Chandan have always been close. They were, after all, born as conjoined twins. But a horrific revelation drives a wedge between the siblings, plunging Chandan into a cycle of guilt and blame from which he cannot escape. One of Mahesh Dattani's most popular works, Tara was also one of the first Indian plays in English to highlight the dangers of gender discrimination, and the insidious ways in which it operates in our society. ‘At last...

  • Tara: A Mahratta Tale
    Tara: A Mahratta Tale

    Tara: A Mahratta Tale

  • The Tara Scheme
    The Tara Scheme

    “The Tara Scheme”, draws attention to the proposal of the M3 that will go through part of the core area of Tara Mound, in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-micro...

  • True Religion Tara Olive Fade Glasses
    True Religion Tara Olive Fade Glasses

    True Religion Tara Olive Fade

  • Tara's Gift
    Tara's Gift

    Tara is a fairy who is waiting to receive her gift from God. When it appears that God did not give her a gift to share, she runs away. Tara will learn that some gifts are not what they seem.

  • Tara Flynn
    Tara Flynn

    It's the 1950s and for Tara Flynn, red-haired, bright and ambitious, Ballygrace House represents everything she hopes for - beautiful, elegant and a world away from the small village where she lives with her grandfather. But the wealthy Fitzgeralds who live at Ballygrace have little time for village girls, until Madeleine, their unstable, delicate daughter, meets Tara. Tara is everything Madeleine isn't, yet the two girls find themselves becoming firm friends. When Tara meets Gabriel, Madeleine's...

  • Tara's Fortune
    Tara's Fortune

    Tara Flynn has come a long way since she was a little girl growing up in the village of Ballygrace. Now mistress of Ballygrace House, the beautiful mansion overlooking the Tullamore countryside, Tara has everything she's always wanted - security, a beautiful home, and the love of a good man. But the Irish have an expression - 'the two days', meaning good and bad fortune. Tara may have everything she's ever dreamed of, but can she hold on to it? In Stockport, Tara's dear friend Biddy has problems...

  • Tara's Fortune
    Tara's Fortune

    Tara and Biddy had shared a lot of pain and sorrow over the years and knew each other inside out. But Frank Kennedy offers to give Tara and Biddy a lift to the hospital and he is the last person Tara wants to lay eyes on. She would never forget how much he had hurt and betrayed her. But Frank is persistent.About the Author Geraldine O'Neill is an international author living in County Offaly, Ireland.

  • Taunting Tara
    Taunting Tara

    When two prominent business men are murdered and mutilated within hours of each other, New York Detectives Tara Woods and Matt Dobbs race to find the killer.As they investigate the men's pasts, they discover similar unsolved murders spread across the states linked to their current cases.And, then the deadly taunts begin.The killer lures Tara to an abandoned building where the ugly truth from Tara's past and a burning rage erupts into violence and heartbreak.

  • Becoming Tara
    Becoming Tara

    With a professional booster for a mother and a pimp for a father, crime was the family business, and Tara held a degree in Hustling 101. Her street smarts and her love affair with Julio, however, werent enough to keep her out of prison, and now that shes inside the institution, each day is a new adventure for Tara. She hits the gate kicking her credentials and calling in favors, and before long, shes back in charge and running things. But what Tara doesnt know is that she isnt really in charge like...

  • Tormenting Tara
    Tormenting Tara

    When Tara arrives for her first day of work in a restaurant's kitchen, she has no idea that by the end of the night, she'll be naked, humiliated, and violated by the Head Chef. And what's worse is that she'll learn to like it! Straight out of culinary school, Tara thinks she has all the answers until she butts heads with Executive Chef Crawford during her first dinner service. But when she can't hack it in the kitchen, Chef Crawford has no problem sending Tara away. But he doesn't want to fire her...

  • Tara's Wish
    Tara's Wish

    "This is impossible," Tara said."Oh, but it is quite possible. And now that you have woke me, do you mind telling me who you are, and why you have disturbed me?"Excitement soon turns to sadness when Tara is invited to go to the carnival with her friends Bridgette, Lilly, and Josie. Realizing she's too small to ride on the Ferris Wheel, Tara walks away from the carnival and right into an adventure with Kyle, who has a message for her.


    Based on the short, historical novel by Nikolai Gogol, Taras Bulba is the Academy Award nominated classic, which shows love can flourish in a time of conflict, regardless of whatever obstacles may stand in the way. The film follows a Cossack father, Taras Bulba, and his two sons, Andrei and Ostap, as they travel to fight Polish nobles at Zaporizhian Sich. Here, Andrei rekindles a romance with a young Polish girl, causing conflict within his staunchly nationalist father. Stars Tony Curtis and Yul...


    Product Description Based on the short, historical novel by Nikolai Gogol, Taras Bulba is the Academy Award nominated classic, which shows love can flourish in a time of conflict, regardless of whatever obstacles may stand in the way. The film follows a Cossack father, Taras Bulba, and his two sons, Andrei and Ostap, as they travel to fight Polish nobles at Zaporizhian Sich. Here, Andrei rekindles a romance with a young Polish girl, causing conflict within his staunchly nationalist father. Stars...

  • Taming Tara
    Taming Tara

    Tara has needed to be tough and in control to prove to her grandfather, and the rest of the world, that she can run the family business. But when Grandpa hires Joe to help manage the business, her control is threatened.Joe is desperate to make a success of this job after his career tanked in a disastrous scandal. When he runs into Tara at a club, her Dominatrix act doesnt fool himhe can see the submissive inside her. He knows if he can show her that side of herself, it will make his new job a helluva...

  • Tara's Descent
    Tara's Descent

    Tara's body pulses with excitement at a subtle look, a quick glimpse, the slightest hint of a tease. Sometimes letting your fantasy run wild pushes you past boundaries you didn't know you had.The thrill of the tease, the chance of being caught, the lignering stare of a stranger... Tara's fire is fueled by the danger of men's attention, the excitement of delving past the point of no return. An opportunity to spend the weekend with Mark, her boyfriend, and his friends turns out to be a weekend full...

  • Tempting Tara
    Tempting Tara

    Southern SCANDALS Bestselling author Gina Wilkins has created an unforgettable trilogy about three Southern women and the secrets they're hiding Strait-laced Tara McBride had always done things by the book, unlike the rest of her scandalous family. She was the smart one, the one most likely to succeed until Blake, a sexy-as-sin, thrill-seeking P.I., showed up on her doorstep. Suddenly Tara was dodging bullets, running from the law and making mad, passionate love with Blake every night. She was...

  • Tricking Tara
    Tricking Tara

    Hallowe'en is a time of joy and laughter. And a spooky time for people to be running around in the dark. Tara is tired of things moving without someone touching them, even if she is the one doing it. It is impossible for someone to get behind her defenses until she meets two men that manage the feat strictly by Tricking Tara. Will she uncover the subterfuge before its too late?

  • Tara's Gold
    Tara's Gold

    Living up to the reputations of her aunt Rachel, who worked as a spy in the War Between the States, and parents who were instrumental in Boston's Underground Railroad is a difficult task for Tara Young. So when she finds mention of an unsolved gold heist in her aunt's journal, Tara decides her claim to fame will be finding the missing gold. Aaron Jefferson is a government agent seeking the same illusive goals-the cache of gold, but more importantly, a place of worth in his own illustrious family...

  • Journey of Tara
    Journey of Tara

    Tara Vanderpool, specialist in acquiring rare items usually of historic importance. Spy, cat burgular, or problem solver. She lives a pretty good life until she encounters the gruffy, independant and sour Dirk Bran, the Captain of the Marcel.Once their paths cross they begin a journey neither can come back from the same.

  • Tara's World
    Tara's World

    After losing her memory in a violent mugging 5 years ago, Tara has been unsure of her place in the world. When her stepdaughter is involved in a car crash her past comes back to show her where she really belongs.

  • Lady Tara
    Lady Tara

    The slender young highwayman who held up Lord Raven's coach was shocked to discover he had made a terrible mistake. He turned and fled, but not before Lord Raven had put a bullet in his shoulder. It was then Raven's turn to be shocked. For the wounded highwayman turned out to be a beautiful young woman, the kind of woman the rakish Raven had been seeking all his life--Lady Tara. It was some time before Lady Tara could tell Raven the truth about this frightening masquerade. But when she did, she plunged...

  • Tara of the Fey
    Tara of the Fey

    Sailing through the Minch, fey princess Tara enjoys her last taste freedom before facing her betrothal to an Irish prince—a man she doesn’t love and has no interest in marrying. The smooth voyage takes an abrupt turn for the worse when a group of ornery Blue Men of the Minch appear and brew up a storm. Tara has no choice but to give into their whims when she is swept overboard.Caeden, a fey cursed to live as a Blue Man, can't believe he is seeing the grown version of his childhood best friend. He...

  • Tara's Tears
    Tara's Tears

    Tara-Maree Easton grew up in a lavish home amidst the hills of Iowa with her parents and 2 siblings. To the outside world, they were the picture-perfect family. But Clint Easton was far from picture perfect, and his daughter knew what went on behind the closed doors of Easton Manor. Escape would not come soon enough for the young girl who would find betrayal behind every one of those doors.Tara begins a new life in California, never looking back. Throwing herself passionately into her work, Tara...

  • Taras Buljba
    Taras Buljba

    Taras Buljba je kratak istorijski roman Nikolaja Gogolja iz ciklusa „Mirgorod“. Štampan je 1835, a drugo prerađeno izdanje izašlo je 1842. To drugo izdanje je osnova svih savremenih izdanja. Roman se bavi istorijom zaporoških kozaka, ali se njegova radnja ne može povezati s konkretnim istorijskim događajima. Glavni junak je Taras Buljba, stari kozak, koji sa svojim sinovima Andrijom i Ostapom polazi u borbu protiv poljskog plemstva, a u odbranu pravoslavlja. Ovo delo Nikolaja Gogolja pisano je u...

  • Tara Bathroom Accessories | Tumbler | Green | Linen House
    Tara Bathroom Accessories | Tumbler | Green | Linen House

    Linen House Tara Tumbler Bathroom Accessories GreenBathroom Accessoriess by Linen House in design Tara Green Tumbler TARA | Bathroom accessories | Linen HouseCeramic

  • The Deception of Tara Magee
    The Deception of Tara Magee

    The Deception of Tara Magee is the first in a series of books. Book one is about a girl named Tara Magee from the east coast who finds herself on the west coast and she has no idea how she got there. Tara meets Billy who's sister Amanda is mysteriously missing like Tara. Tara also meets an older boy Danny and is kissed for the first time. This is the beginning of a epic love story.