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  •  Thesis

    All I wanted to do was submit my Thesis. It’s on theoretical physics. No interest to anybody.Or so I think until a shadowy organisation drives by my house and tries to shoot me. After that, I run, but it turns out that this is a matter of life or death. Potentially, mine.Thesis is a 2,800 word short story by Ray Jaxome.

  • Church's Thesis
    Church's Thesis

    A collection of essays dealing with issues connected with Church's Thesis from both the philosophical and logical perspectives. The Reader will learn about the problems present in the theory of computability, with a particular emphasis being placed on the role of Church's Thesis and the various attempts at its proving it. The contributions also concern the intuitive notion of computable functions, the general issue of proving theses, hypercomputation, pseudorecursiveness and the computational modeling...

  • Thesis Guide
    Thesis Guide

    Almost all, especially graduate, students are facing a set of major questions along their final project or thesis work. Answering these questions is not simple for the student especially under usual tensions."Thesis Guide" works as a road map and provides practical guide lines to empower the student to find short cuts to their graduation. It includes both technical and non-technical real issues.

  • Supernatural Thesis
    Supernatural Thesis

    Supernatural Thesis describes elements of the supernatural world and is a comprehensive analysis of knowledge and information of, sometimes considered, unexplained phenomena. Herein, I present what some ancient philosophers looked at as supernatural beings and the influence they had in Western beliefs and philosophies, the most talked about prophecies of our times and what to expect and answers to questions like:- What are some of the prophecies talked about for 2012?- What did the great philosopher...


    THESIS ON CYBERJAYA: HEGEMONY AND UTOPIANISM IN A SOUTHEAST ASIAN STATE by Azly Abdul Rahman a dissertation on "cybernating nations" submitted to Columbia University, New York (2004) This book, maintaine in its original dissertation format explores the concepts of ?hegemony? and ?utopianism? in the conceptualization of a ?technopole? in a Southeast Asian state. I describe how ?cybernetics? flow transculturally and is inscribed onto human consciousness as illustrated in the case of Malaysia?s grand...

  • The Thesis and the Book
    The Thesis and the Book

    The academic caveat Publish or Perish is not a new one, and for over a quarter of a century, The Thesis and the Book has come to the aid of graduate students in their quest for publication. The doctoral dissertation, usually the first book-length study completed by a scholar, is, however, only rarely publishable as a book. Understanding the differences between the two forms is a crucial part of one's education as a scholar and is equally important in appreciating the endeavours of scholarly publishers...

  • Hand Book of Thesis
    Hand Book of Thesis

    Description Hand Book of Thesis- (Drafting & Writing Thesis) is one of its kinds that provides the applied structure of thesis and dissertation writing for any Social Science and Management scholar to use, refer and apply in thesis writing. Lucid and simplicity with direct appli9ed examples provides this book an edge over the theoretical texts. This is the hand book and hand tool of thesis drafting. The contents cover all technical aspects to cover page to en page of any thesis with right sequencing...

  • Work the Magic on Your Thesis
    Work the Magic on Your Thesis

    Learn the structure of a thesis, easy and effective analysis tools, specific things examiners look for and more! This short eBook provides the information that your professors conveniently left out of your thesis guideline.

  • Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation
    Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation

    Newly revised and updated, this practical book demystifies the process of writing your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, from laying the groundwork to collaborating with peers and more.

  • Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation
    Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation

    This comprehensive manual offers direction for every step of the thesis or dissertation process, from choosing an appropriate topic to adapting the finished work for publication.

  • Getting Over the Thesis Barrier
    Getting Over the Thesis Barrier

    Don’t end up among the 50% of all PhD students who never graduate. This essential thesis writing guide will teach you the tricks of the trade to conquer writer’s block and sail through the thesis writing process. First advice: do NOT start at the beginning! Learn the easiest order of writing, how to create a thesis framework, how to pass the “weight test” and, finally, to conquer the viva voce.

  • How to Write a BA Thesis
    How to Write a BA Thesis

    The senior thesis is the capstone of a college education, but writing one can be a daunting prospect. Students need to choose their own topic and select the right adviser. Then they need to work steadily for several months as they research, write, and manage a major independent project. Now there's a mentor to help. How to Write a BA Thesis is a practical, friendly guide written by Charles Lipson, an experienced professor who has guided hundreds of students through the thesis-writing process.This...

  • Surviving Your Thesis
    Surviving Your Thesis

    This clear and practical guide, ideal for all doctoral and masters level students, takes readers from the very early stages of thesis writing through to the final phase of examination and publication, using vignette examples to highlight key issues.


    How to Write a Thesis provides an invaluable resource to help students consider, plan and write their theses. The third edition of this best-selling and well loved book builds on the success of the second edition.

  • How to Write a Better Thesis
    How to Write a Better Thesis

    Revised, updated and more useful than ever. If you are writing a thesis - whether edging towards it, wrestling with it, or just plain stuck - this sensible, thoroughly practical book is bound to help. As in the hugely successful first edition, the emphasis is still firmly on structure. Having supervised countless postgraduate students and seen all the pitfalls, David Evans is convinced that clear and logical structure is the key to a good thesis. He and Paul Gruba give concrete examples of common...

  • Thesis Survivor Stories
    Thesis Survivor Stories

    Whether youre toiling through the depths of thesis research, about to embark on further study or supervising others on the journey, these 23 stories will entertain and inspire. At times humorous, poignant and uplifting, theres plenty to learn from the struggles and success of those who survived a thesis to tell the tale. The real-world advice and hundreds of tips and tricks will help you make the most of this significant stage of your life. Dr Marilyn Waring is known internationally for her groundbreaking...

  • Mastering the Thesis Statement
    Mastering the Thesis Statement

    Author Steve Sharp tells his students that the thesis statement is the sun around which everything in their paper orbits. Every sentence must fall within its gravitational pull and obey rational orbital laws. Otherwise chaos ensues. If you really want to succeed in the academic world you simply can't afford to leave your readers scratching their heads after they've read your paper wondering What's the point of this? Why was this written? Mastering the Thesis Statement teaches you just about everything...

  • Surviving Your Thesis
    Surviving Your Thesis

    "Surviving Your Thesis" is an invaluable resource for those undertaking a higher degree research qualification, as it describes clearly the challenges and complexities of successfully engaging in both the research process and thesis writing. Taking a highly practical approach and tone, it covers all of the common problems facing every researcher working on a project or dissertation, and guides readers in both a helpful and challenging way. Issues covered include choosing a topic...

  • How to Write a Better Minor Thesis
    How to Write a Better Minor Thesis

    What is expected? What should the thesis consist of? How can the whole process be made a bit easier? How to achieve the best possible result? Working within strict time limits, and under pressure right from the start, what does the student need to do to ensure that the thesis is finished? In How to Write a Better Minor Thesis, experienced advisors Dr Paul Gruba and Professor Justin Zobel lay out step-by-step guidelines for writing a minor thesis. Based on decades of working with students undertaking...

  • Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language
    Thesis and Dissertation Writing in a Second Language

    A handbook for supervisors working with undergraduate and postgraduate non-native speaker students writing a thesis or dissertation in English.

  • Elemental Thesis: Unbound
    Elemental Thesis: Unbound

    Today is a special day for Makenna Circe Thesis, and she has decided to go all out. Now that Mack has turned eighteen, she’s determined to show everyone—including her overprotective mother, Cybele—that she is no longer a tomboy and child. But a night that was supposed to be the best celebration ever turns into a nightmare that breaks her heart and tears Mack’s family apart. The powers that have been dormant in her and her siblings since they were babies have manifested themselves. The four must now...

  • Jesus Is My Thesis
    Jesus Is My Thesis

    As a single mother working in a small insurance agency, author Sallie Hite McDaniel promised herself that, if given the opportunity, she would return to school and complete her college education. That opportunity came in 1998 when McDaniel enrolled at Meredith College in North Carolina. It was to be an experience that would change her life forever. Jesus Is My Thesis recounts McDaniel’s academic journey, weaving a tale of tragedy and triumph. As McDaniel soon discovers, higher education consists...

  • How to Write a Better Thesis
    How to Write a Better Thesis

    From proposal to examination, producing a dissertation or thesis is a challenge. Grounded in decades of experience with research training and supervision, this fully updated and revised edition takes an integrated, down-to-earth approach drawing on case studies and examples to guide you step-by-step towards productive success.Early chapters frame the tasks ahead and show you how to get started. From there, practical advice and illustrations take you through the elements of formulating research questions...

  • In Defense of the HOT Thesis
    In Defense of the HOT Thesis

    Consciousness is perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the world and yet it is so very familiar to each of us. In this BIT, tackling a central paradox of consciousness (namely, how it is possible to hold a number of seemingly inconsistent views about it), Rocco Gennaro proposes a version of the HOT (higher order thought) thesis that is consistent with animal consciousness. Gennaro's integration of empirical and philosophical concerns will make his argument of interest to both philosophers and nonphilosophers...

  • Writing Your Thesis
    Writing Your Thesis

    'Written in an authoritative and accessible style, this is a must-read for anyone planning, researching and writing a doctoral thesis or dissertation. I will certainly be recommending this book to my research students.' - Professor Goeffrey Elliott, University of Worcester 'Paul's book was a lifeline during my doctorate: it is now the first book that I recommend for my research students! His book is easily accessible, full of practical advice, and provides useful study strategies to carefully guide...

  • From Proposal to Thesis
    From Proposal to Thesis

    Just been told you’ve got to start on your dissertation? Did you start the work then get stuck? Don’t worry, help is at hand.This book is full of useful advice and tips on how to write your thesis, taking you through the whole process: from getting started and collecting data to handing it in. The information Denis Feather provides here is based on ten years of teaching research methodologies and supervising students at all levels.Here is invaluable advice – all for the price of a couple of cups...

  • A Practical Guide to Writing a Successful Thesis in the Humanities
    A Practical Guide to Writing a Successful Thesis in the Humanities

    Not another Academic Writing tutorial, A Practical Guide to Writing a Successful Thesis in the Humanities is about tips and tricks that can help students accomplish the task of writing a successful BA or MA thesis and enjoy doing it – to the extent it is possible. The author focuses on how to get into the mindset of writing a thesis, how to compose the most compelling thesis statement, logical structure and flow of argumentation, and on how to make the word processor behave. The book also gives advice...

  • Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation!
    Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation!

    Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation! is a complete guide to good dissertation and thesis writing. It is written in an accessible style with cartoons and real-life anecdotes to liven up the text. It outlines the rules and conventions of scientific writing — particularly for dissertations and theses — and gives the reader practical advice about planning, writing, editing, presenting, and submitting a successful dissertation or thesis. Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation...

  • The Petorik Thesis and Tales of The Global West
    The Petorik Thesis and Tales of The Global West

    From an Embassy in Europe to an Industrial Park in Suburban Los Angeles, The Petorik Thesis and Tales of The Global West resembles a ledger where the checks and balances agree to disagree. In this, his second short story collection, W. Jack Savage chronicles a beautiful woman’s quirky obsessions that leave a trail of regretful lovers, a writers disappointment at never being as important as what he writes and a unseen witness to a murder comes forward to do the right thing. But the witness and the...

  • Writing with a Thesis (11th Ed.) by Skwire & Skwire
    Writing with a Thesis (11th Ed.) by Skwire & Skwire

    Item Description Writing with a Thesis (11th Ed.) by Skwire & Skwire. Published by Cengage Learning. Paperback or softback book. Based on the principle that the ability to develop and support a thesis persuasively is of utmost importance for beginning writers, WRITING WITH A THESIS: A RHETORIC AND READER, 11th Edition, dispenses clear and practical writing advice. Sarah Skwire skillfully weaves humor into her advice and in the text's examples of good professional writing--for a uniquely useful...