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  • In It Together
    In It Together

    Andrew Rawnsley told the inside story of new labour in The End of the Party, and now renowned political journalist Matt d'Ancona cuts right to the heart of the Lib Dem/Tory struggle in In It Together. With exclusive, unprecedented access to all the major senior figures, from David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Nick Clegg, he tells the truth behind key relationships, the U-turns, the dramatic fights and arguments and the warring within the party. A breathtaking book that takes you into...

  •  Together

    Does youth ministry in your church exist on an island, disconnected from the larger church? Does your youth ministry accomplish the church's overall goals for making disciples of teenagers? Together helps answer those questions and more. Almost since the concept of "youth ministry" came into being, churches have struggled with how to keep their twelve-to-twenty-year-olds engaged. A contemporary focus, lots of fun activities, and cool leaders seemed to be the answer. Yet large numbers of young people...

  • Together Waistcoat
    Together Waistcoat

    Rated 4 out of 5 �by Alison from Love this waitcoat. I had already purchased the cream top it is pictured with and they look great together. Have had many comments.

  • Banded Together
    Banded Together

    Banded Together

  • Together Blazer
    Together Blazer

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Lee from I like the look of the whole suit but not sure whether the suit (Jacket. Pants, Top) are of a tight or generous cut. There are not reviews yet so I can't rely on buyer's experience. I have size 8 (36) and size 10 (38) clothes in Together brand before - so knowing the cutting will help me decide which size to order. I hate sending clothes back so your earlier advice will be helpful. Many thanks.

  • The Together Teacher
    The Together Teacher

    An essential guide for over-scheduled teachersMaia Heyck-Merlin helps teachers build the habits, customize the tools, and create space to become a Together Teacher. This practical resource shows teachers how to be effective and have a life! Author and educator Maia Heyck-Merlin explores the key habits of Together Teachers—how they plan ahead, organize work and their classrooms, and how they spend their limited free time. The end goal is always strong outcomes for their students.So what does Together...

  • Living Together
    Living Together

    IS LIVING TOGETHER THE ANSWER? Since the late 1960s, the number of couples living together before marriage has increased significantly, as this phenomenon was thought to be the answer to obtaining a successful marriage. The theory that couples could "practice" seemed a perfect solution to an increasingly higher divorce rate. "After all," many argued, "if we live together first, we will really know if we're compatible." Mike and Harriet McManus, co-founders of the Marriage Savers® organization...

  • Playing Together
    Playing Together

    Ideal for vacation time, trips, family get-togethers, and days when your kids just can’t find anything to do, Playing Together is a treasure trove of parent-friendly projects with kid-tested results.Smolen makes getting siblings, cousins, or neighborhood children of different ages together an easy task, providing a collection of outdoor and indoor games and arts and crafts projects adapted to satisfy the interests and skills of children of various ages simultaneously.

  • Home Together
    Home Together

    Frank Smythe, Jr. faces day one of retirement from his job of 35 years. He and his wife Mavis must now adjust to being Home Together.

  • The Get Together
    The Get Together

    A group of four good friends gather together to celebrate the end of Summer. They camp out overnight on a beautiful sandy beach along the coast of Vancouver Island. They all have a great time partying and visiting with each other. Then the good times turn into a serious tragic circumstance in which the four friends must quickly act together to prevent wide spread devastation.

  • Broken Together
    Broken Together

    “Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.” ~Sylvia PlathAbout the story:Shannon and Harry’s marriage has mysteriously fallen apart in so many little moments in the months since their sons have gone away to college, and it will take hard work and a commitment by them both to rescue it and strengthen it. How do two individuals find their way forward together, when they've spent too long breaking themselves apart? Experience romance, anger, passion...

  • Eating Together
    Eating Together

    An insightful map of the landscape of social meals, Eating Together: Food, Friendship, and Inequality argues that the ways in which Americans eat together play a central role in social life in the United States. Delving into a wide range of research, Alice P. Julier analyzes etiquette and entertaining books from the past century and conducts interviews and observations of dozens of hosts and guests at dinner parties, potlucks, and buffets. She finds that when people invite friends, neighbors, or...

  • Getting It Together
    Getting It Together

    Maurice James Stewart-Addison: 1932-2012. Jim pursued a successful career in the theatre, was the founder of Fetters, established a playroom and workshop at “40 Fitz” and created the Houdini Connections website to bring together information and ideas. Directly and indirectly, Jim did much to maintain essential individual freedoms and gave wise counsel to a great many people, he continues to give “permission to play”. Getting It Together is a collection of information and guides to help people fully...

  • This Time Together
    This Time Together

    A touching and hilarious memoir by the author of Carrie and Me: A Mother Daughter Love Story, This Time Together is 100 percent Carol Burnett – funny, irreverent, and irresistible. Carol Burnett is one of the most beloved and revered actresses and performers in America. The Carol Burnett Show was seen each week by millions of adoring fans and won twenty-five Emmys in its remarkable eleven-year run. Now, in This Time Together, Carol really lets her hair down and tells one funny or touching or memorable...

  • Banding Together
    Banding Together

    Why do some music styles gain mass popularity while others thrive in small niches? Banding Together explores this question and reveals the attributes that together explain the growth of twentieth-century American popular music. Drawing on a vast array of examples from sixty musical styles--ranging from rap and bluegrass to death metal and South Texas polka, and including several created outside the United States--Jennifer Lena uncovers the shared grammar that allows us to understand the cultural...

  • Cooking Together
    Cooking Together

    Cooking with kids is more than merely making cookies or brownies together for some special occasion. Cooking Together: Making Memories and Meals is packed with useful information, historic tidbits, and culinary advice?all of which provides an opportunity to teach kids healthy habits while having fun. From super-hero muffins to roasted vegetable wraps with herb spread, this cookbook features over one hundred mouth-watering recipes, lots of useful information, and valuable insight into how to improve...

  • Keep It Together
    Keep It Together

    For anyone juggling a home, a career, and a social life, Keep It Together offers hundreds of how to’s – from organizing a closet to hosting a party; from stocking a pantry to buying stocks; and from finding a physician to healing a friendship. From the mundane household chore to unexpected life challenges, Keep it Together provides expert advice on simplifying everyday responsibilities.

  • Hung Together
    Hung Together

    Hung Together tells the story of an election that made political history, and the first two years of an unprecedented Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, as told by the protagonists and as witnessed by two journalists with unrivalled access to events. Adam Boulton and Joey Jones were at the heart of the action during the 2010 general election and are able to draw on detailed interviews with all the key players to build up the most complete and intimate picture of how things unfolded. Hung Together...

  • Together at Christmas
    Together at Christmas

    It’s Christmas Eve, and a family of ten mice shivers in the snow. One by one, each mouse finds a place to stay warm, only to discover that they’d rather huddle together on this holiday night. With gently rhyming text and charming illustrations, this picture book is a wonderful read-aloud at Christmas time.

  • Better Together
    Better Together

    In 'Better Together', Kevin Giles positively considers from a Christian perspective the changes in the man-woman relationship that have occurred in recent years and invites us to take a fresh look at the biblical texts quoted in support of women's ongoing subordination, setting out questions at the end of each short chapter for home groups to discuss.

  • Together Cropped Jeans
    Together Cropped Jeans

    Rated 3 out of 5 �by Jo from Not what I was expecting at all. The hem detail is totally diffferent, a lace insert not what's shown. The colour is a much darker denim also, more like the Together Jeans (Style Number: 42781). Nice pants nevertheless and a good fit.


    Seven wild college students spend the night together in a Hollywood Hills mansion on the eve of their graduation. They escape from the pressures of final exams, job interviews and family, only to realise that the real drama is right under their own roof. Personalities clash and bodies merge as this all-night party reaches its climax. Strangers become friends and enemies become lovers when each one confronts their fears, desires, addictions and dreams.


    We Are Together tells the remarkable and moving story of a group of children who use music to overcome hardship and loss. Filmed over a period of three years, it is the story of an orphanage unlike one you've ever seen, where the young singers of the Agape Choir lift their voices to create the home and family they so very much need. Life has not been easy for 12-year-old Slindile and her siblings living at the Agape Orphanage in South Africa, where most of the children have lost their parents...


    Product Description Often hailed as Wong Kar Wais best film, Happy Together is a beautiful tale of two dysfunctional lovers who find their relationship falling apart while vacationing in Buenos Aires. Though their lives take divergent paths, they continually find a way back into each others arms where there is often more solitude than warmth. Brilliant performances by Hong Kong superstars Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung combine with Christopher Doyles award winning cinematography amongst a breath-taking...


    They Came Together DVD from DVDLand.When Joel and Molly meet, it's hate at first sight: his big Corporate Candy Company threatens to shut down her quirky indie shop. Plus, Joel is hung up on his sexy ex. But amazingly, they fall in love, until they break up about two thirds of the way through, and Molly starts dating her accountant. But then right at the end...well you'll just have to see.


    Often hailed as Wong Kar Wais best film, Happy Together is a beautiful tale of two dysfunctional lovers who find their relationship falling apart while vacationing in Buenos Aires. Though their lives take divergent paths, they continually find a way back into each others arms where there is often more solitude than warmth. Brilliant performances by Hong Kong superstars Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung combine with Christopher Doyles award winning cinematography amongst a breath-taking Argentine landscape...

  • Working Together
    Working Together

    Advances in the social sciences have emerged through a variety of research methods: field-based research, laboratory and field experiments, and agent-based models. However, which research method or approach is best suited to a particular inquiry is frequently debated and discussed. "Working Together" examines how different methods have promoted various theoretical developments related to collective action and the commons, and demonstrates the importance of cross-fertilization involving multimethod...

  • Alone Together
    Alone Together

    Consider Facebook--it's human contact, only easier to engage with andeasier to avoid. Developing technology promises closeness. Sometimes itdelivers, but much of our modern life leaves us less connected withpeople and more connected to simulations of them.In 'Alone Together,' MIT technology and society professor Sherry Turkleexplores the power of our new tools and toys to dramatically alter oursocial lives. It's a nuanced exploration of what we are lookingfor--and sacrificing--in a world of electronic...

  • Gathering Together
    Gathering Together

    Weaving Indian and Euro-American histories together in this groundbreaking book, Sami Lakomaki places the Shawnee people, and Native peoples in general, firmly at the center of American history. The book covers nearly three centuries, from the years leading up to the Shawnees' first European contacts to the post?Civil War era, and demonstrates vividly how the interactions between Natives and newcomers transformed the political realities and ideas of both groups. Examining Shawnee society and...

  • Talking Together
    Talking Together

    Challenging the conventional wisdom that Americans are less engaged than ever in national life and the democratic process, "Talking Together "paints the most comprehensive portrait available of public deliberation in the United States and explains why it is important to America's future. The authors' original and extensive research reveals how, when, and why citizens talk to each other about the issues of the day. They find that--in settings ranging from one-on-one conversations to e-mail exchanges...