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  • Trango eLINE
    Trango eLINE

    The eLine is a superlight, low-stretch slackline that sets up in just a few minutes! The eLine stretches half that of nylon, allowing the line to be tensioned with very little effort. Perfect for everyone from beginners to experts!

  • Trango Squid
    Trango Squid

    Product Description The Squid a is a stick clip which does an elegant job of clipping out-of-reach bolts and allows you to UN-CLIP biners from those same bolts. If you don't believe in karma, the Squid can pay for itself in recovered draws in just a few days: for the karma conscious, the Squid will load up your karma bank faster than you can help a little old man across the street. "Fingers" at the end of the pivot-arm grab the gate and open it with a pull, letting you take the biner out of the...