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  • Turkey, Cyprus & the Turkish Riviera
    Turkey, Cyprus & the Turkish Riviera

    This map covers eastern Turkey (i.e. from Ankara east) on one side at 1:2 000 000 and the more popular western Turkey on the other side at 1:900 000. Road and rail networks, with road distances in kilometres, are clearly marked out.

  • Cold Turkey > Entertainment Poster
    Cold Turkey > Entertainment Poster

    We have just hung the block mount you did for us last week. It looks fantastic and we are very impressed both with the process and the exceptional customer service.

  • The Rough Guide to Turkey
    The Rough Guide to Turkey

    There's detailed advice on how to travel about this vast and varied country and, once you reach your destination, clear city maps to help you navigate everywhere from the fifteen-million plus metropolis of Istanbul to the small frontier settlement of Dogubeyazit, in the shadow of biblical Mt Ararat.

  • Exposure of Cultural Differences Between Turkey and Germany
    Exposure of Cultural Differences Between Turkey and Germany

    Description The first aim of this book is to analyze the impact of cultural differences on the cooperation between Turkish and German workers or managers. A second aim is to evaluate the use of Hofstede's framework for this topic. Potential cultural problems in the cooperation between Turkey and Germany are a highly relevant area of research. Firstly, because of the large number of first, second and third generation Turkish migrants in Germany, and, secondly, because of the ongoing debate on Turkey...

  • Islamism, Democracy and Liberalism in Turkey
    Islamism, Democracy and Liberalism in Turkey

    The Justice and Development Party (AKP) were elected to power in 2002 and since then Turkish politics has undergone considerable change. This book is a comprehensive analysis of the AKP, in terms not just of its ideological agenda, but also of its social basis and performance in office in the main theatres of public policy - political reform, and cultural, economic and foreign policies. Based on an extensive analysis of official and party documents, interviews, academic sources and media coverage...

  • Places in Turkey: A Pocket Grand Tour
    Places in Turkey: A Pocket Grand Tour

    Annotation A fascinating and comprehensive itinerary of 83 places to visit in Turkey, by a highly cultured author with more than 20 years experience of travelling there. Publisher Description Turkey for the tourist is a daunting, yet infinitely rewarding, proposition. The guide books cover everything most efficiently, but present a different problem: how to choose between the places? Francis Russell has been travelling in Turkey for more than twenty years, and with the eighty three recommendations...

  • Turkey 2 (Globe Trekker)
    Turkey 2 (Globe Trekker)

    Turkey is where East meets West both geographically and culturally -join your host Adela as she discovers that there's more than meets the eye in this vast and ever changing land. Beginning in the historical town of Konya visit the ancient mosques and myriad markets where Muslim pilgrims mingle with secular citizens before continuing along the coastline of the Aegean Sea on to Aduna home to the largest mosque between Istanbul and Saudi Arabia (the Sabanci Mosque). Next traverse the historic south...

  • Turkey by Elaine Jackson, ISBN 9780750271585
    Turkey by Elaine Jackson, ISBN 9780750271585

    DescriptionThis book looks at the country of Turkey through a variety of themes such as location, landscape and climate, population and health, settlements, family life, religion and beliefs, education and learning, employment and economy, industry and trade, farming and food, transport and communications, leisure and tourism and environment and wildlife. Includes maps, statistics panels and simple graphs and charts; and a topic web showing links with this series to other subject areas.

  • Turkey Traveller Guide 4/e
    Turkey Traveller Guide 4/e

    Title. Subtitle. Author. PublisherName. ISBN-13. ISBN-10.

  • Turkey Cruising Companion
    Turkey Cruising Companion

    Covering the Ionian, Carian, West and East Lycian Coasts, the Turkey Cruising Companion is the essential pilot guide for anyone cruising the area. Drawing on all her local knowledge and expertise, Emma Watson provides clear pilotage directions to a variety of harbours and anchorages, as well as offering useful information on the facilities and shops available.

  • Wild Turkey and Dry
    Wild Turkey and Dry

    Pour Wild Turkey over ice in a large glass tumbler.

  • Special Places to Stay: Turkey
    Special Places to Stay: Turkey

    The entries in this guide are special in many different ways: we choose places for the warmth of their welcome, their style - whether grand or not - and look for good value for money. Every property in the book has been inspected. Clear symbols, maps, colour photos, clear directions and quick reference indices help guide our readers to the best choice for them, and our well-researched, fresh and lively write-ups paint an accurate picture.

  • Berlitz Handbook: Turkey
    Berlitz Handbook: Turkey

    The Places Section tackles each of Turkey’s regions in turn - starting with the world-class city of Istanbul and taking in the golden Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, as well as the unworldly landscape of Cappadocia. Each chapter is colour-coded for easy reference, and features everything you'll need to know about the sights and attractions in the area as well as maps to help you get around and carefully chosen listings of the best places to sleep, eat, drink, and get active. The Places section is...

  • Turkey and the Crimean War
    Turkey and the Crimean War

    Published in 1867, this book discusses the Crimean War from a pro-Turkish perspective. Sir Adolphus Slade (1804-77) covers the history of Ottoman military development as well as the origins of the Eastern Question, and the events leading to the outbreak of war. As a naval officer, whose Records of Travels in Turkey, Greece, &c., and of a Cruize in the Black Sea, with the Capitan Pasha is also reissued in this series, he was lent to the Turkish fleet in 1849 and took the name Mushaver Pasha. For seventeen...

  • Lonely Planet Discover Turkey
    Lonely Planet Discover Turkey

    Turkey’s dramatic landscape is a fitting canvas for the country’s long history.

  • Turkey Insight Guide
    Turkey Insight Guide

    This brand new edition Insight Guide to Turkey features illuminating text written by expert, local writers alongside a wealth of inspiring full-colour photography, with this edition containing over 250 brand new-photographs, vividly bringing Turkey and its people to life at the turn of a page.

  • Accoutrements Inflatable Turkey
    Accoutrements Inflatable Turkey

    Description This 9“ x 13” x 3" (22.9 cm x 33 cm x 7.6 cm) Musical Tie of the Month Sucker Gift Box is the perfect prank for any occasion! Just put your real gift in the box, then sit back and watch as your victim feigns enthusiasm and offers an awkward “thank you” before finding their real gift inside. Folded flat and shrink wrapped with illustrated insert. Great gag giftNo caloriesGreat for any holiday

  • Berlitz Handbook: Turkey
    Berlitz Handbook: Turkey

    Berlitz Handbook: Turkey is the ultimate practical, inspirational guide to this fascinating destination, with 304 pages combining authoritative narrative detail and stunning color photography. What sets the guide apart is the illuminating Unique Experiences section, packed full of practical advice on how to make the most of all the opportunities unique to Turkey - from setting sail on a Blue Cruise to haggling in a bazaar, or relaxing in a traditional hamam.

  • G28 Nisos Khios & the Coast of Turkey
    G28 Nisos Khios & the Coast of Turkey

    Ormos Mandraki (N. Oinoussa). Approaches to Khios (N. Khios). Approaches to Psara (N. Psara). Cesme Korfezi (Turkey). Foca Limani (Turkey). Sigacik Limani (Turkey).

  • G32 Eastern Sporades, Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey
    G32 Eastern Sporades, Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey

    Kusadasi Liman (Turkey). Yalikavak Limani (Turkey). Limin A. Kirikos (N. Ikaria, Greece). Steno Samou (N. Samos, Greece). Ormos Partheni (N. Leros, Greece). Ormos Patmou (N. Patmos, Greece).

  • G35 Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey
    G35 Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey

    Approaches to Kós (Nísos Kós). Approaches to Turgutreis (Turkey). Bodrum (Turkey). Approaches to Ródhos (Nísos Ródhos). Órmos Sími (Nísos Sími).

  • Istanbul & Western Turkey
    Istanbul & Western Turkey

    This is a map of Istanbul at a highly detailed scale of 1:11,000.

  • Lonely Planet Discover Turkey
    Lonely Planet Discover Turkey

    Time travel in ancient Ephesus. Find your favourite Aegean beach. Explore the ruined churches of Ani. Soar in a balloon above Cappadocia. Gaze in awe at Aya Sofya’s dome.

  • Lonely Planet Turkey
    Lonely Planet Turkey

    From stunning beaches and jaw-dropping monuments, to mouth-watering cuisine and friendly locals, Turkey offers the visitor a wonderful range of unmissable experiences.

  • M21 Turkey to Cyprus
    M21 Turkey to Cyprus

    This 2011 Edition is fully updated throughout, this is the first digitally-drawn edition of this chart.

  • Special Places to Stay: Turkey
    Special Places to Stay: Turkey

    An increasing number of Britons have begun to discover this fascinating country beyond the beaches and the shish-kebab. Sawday's new guide to Turkey lists nearly 200 places from classy caves to Armenian mansions, from log cabins to designer chic hotels.

  • The Rough Guide to Turkey
    The Rough Guide to Turkey

    The Rough Guide to Turkey is the most comprehensive travel guide to a unique country straddling both Europe and Asia and bordering countries as diverse as Greece in the west and Iran in the east.

  • Turkey - Mediterranean Coast
    Turkey - Mediterranean Coast

    This map appears in the map series entitled World Mapping Project for Reise Know-How. This map includes high quality, clear and modern cartography.

  • Turkey - Mediterranean Coast
    Turkey - Mediterranean Coast

    Contour lines with elevation data. Colored Height layers. Classified road network with distances. Detailed Location Index.

  • Turkey by Zoran Pavlovic, ISBN 9780791079164
    Turkey by Zoran Pavlovic, ISBN 9780791079164

    Discusses the geography, history, people, culture, politics, and economy of Turkey, and considers the country's future in the world community.