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  • Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 1L
    Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 1L

    Varietal Gin. Brand Name Bombay Sapphire. Size 1L. Standard Drinks 31.6. Country United Kingdom. Alcohol Volume 40.0%. Distillery The Bombay Spirits Company. Website

  • The Bombay Marines
    The Bombay Marines

    The Bombay Marines are the East India Company’s private fighting ships, defending India’s coast and naval trading routes. Captain Adam Horne is the commander of history’s first naval commandos and a hero in the mould of Hornblower, Alexander Kent’s Bolitho or Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey and Maturin. In this, the first part of the Adam Horne trilogy, it is 1761, and Pondicherry, the last stronghold of the French in India, has fallen to the British. In a novel that ‘Lloyd’s List’ described as “everything...

  • The Little Linen Company Bamboo Cotton Knit Blanket
    The Little Linen Company Bamboo Cotton Knit Blanket

    The Little Linen Company would like to introduce their super soft bamboo cotton knit blankets. These nursery designs and colours coordinate handsomely with the linen and muslin already in our TLLC range. Complete your newborn nursery with these classic designed baby blanket. This baby blanket is perfect for a bassinet/cradle or out and about in a pram or car.

  • The Bombay Bear
    The Bombay Bear

    Follow this journey of a dancing bear through the streets of Bombay, and see how he is saved from a life of bullying by an evil master.

  • Gay Bombay
    Gay Bombay

    Using a combination of multi-sited ethnography, textual analysis, historical documentation analysis, and memoir writing, the author provides macro and micro perspectives on what it means to be a gay man located in Gay Bombay at a particular point in time. Specifically, he explores what being gay means to members of Gay Bombay and how they negotiate locality and globalization, their sense of identity as well as a feeling of community within its online/offline world. On a broader level, he critically...

  • Bombay Smiles
    Bombay Smiles

    Vom Mut, die Welt zu verändern Eine Reise nach Indien verändert sein Leben: Angesichts der extremen Armut des Landes gründet Jaume Sanllorente die Hilfsorganisation »Sonrisas de Bombay« und bewahrt Tausende von Kindern vor einem Leben auf der Straße. Die beeindruckende Geschichte eines jungen Mannes, der sein Wohlstandsleben aufgibt, um den Kindern von Bombay ihr Lächeln zurückzugeben.

  • Bombay Islam
    Bombay Islam

    As a thriving port city, nineteenth-century Bombay attracted migrants from across India and beyond. Nile Green's Bombay Islam traces the ties between industrialization, imperialism and the production of religion to show how Muslim migration fueled demand for a wide range of religious suppliers, as Christian missionaries competed with Muslim religious entrepreneurs for a stake in the new market. Enabled by a colonial policy of non-intervention in religious affairs, and powered by steam travel and...


    The story of Krishna, a 10 year-old boy who comes to Bombay dreaming of making 500 rupees to take home to his mother in the village. Once in the city, he is immediately surrounded by its madness and cacophony; policemen, madmen, middlemen, the trading of drugs and flesh, impossible movie fantasies. And everywhere there are children like himself, surviving and succumbing to the appetite of the city.

  • Bombay Stories
    Bombay Stories

    The bustling life of the most extraordinary city in the India subcontinent is captured in the short stories of Saadat Hasan Manto, one of the greatest Urdu writers of the last century. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MOHAMMED HANIF In the 1930s and 40s, Bombay was the cosmopolitan capital of the subcontinent - an exhilarating hub of license and liberty, bursting with both creative energy and helpless degradation. It was also muse to the celebrated short story writer of India and Pakistan, Saadat Hasan...

  • Bombay Ice
    Bombay Ice

    Roz Benegal, a feisty young BBC researcher, goes to India to pick up the threads of her life there (she spent part of her childhood growing up in Kerala). She goes to Bombay to visit her sister Miranda, who is married to a prominent Bollywood film director, Prosper. Roz arrives to news headlines announcing the deaths of 8 eunuchs in four months and to rumours that her sister's husband may have murdered his first wife Maya, a film star past her prime. Not satisfied to leave the investigations of these...

  • Governors Of Bombay
    Governors Of Bombay

    This is a compilation of articles from Wikipedia about Governors Of Bombay, formatted as an ebook for easy reading. Topics include:Abraham ShipmanAndrew RamsayBartholomew HarrisCharles BooneCharles Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron LamingtonCharles CrommelinCharles ZinzanDaniel AnnesleyDonald Mackay, 11th Lord ReayEvan NepeanFrederick SykesFreeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of WillingdonG. BrownGeorge Clarke, 1st Baron Sydenham of CombeGeorge DickGeorge Harris, 4th Baron HarrisGeorge Lloyd, 1st Baron...

  • Bombay Stories
    Bombay Stories

    WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MOHAMMED HANIF In the 1930s and 40s, Bombay was the cosmopolitan capital of the subcontinent - an exhilarating hub of license and liberty, bursting with both creative energy and helpless degradation. It was also muse to the celebrated short story writer of India and Pakistan, Saadat Hasan Manto. His hard-edged, moving stories remain, a hundred years after his birth, startling and provocative. In searching out those forgotten by humanity - prostitutes, conmen and crooks -...

  • Breathless in Bombay
    Breathless in Bombay

    Shortlisted for the 2009 Commomwealth Writers' Prize Shroff’s vibrant narratives in this concept collection of 14 stories set in contemporary Bombay feature a range of beautifully drawn characters in fascinating situations: from the laundrywallas’ water shortage problems, to the doomed love affair of a schizophrenic painter and his Bollywood girlfriend, to the wandering thoughts of a massagewalla at Chowpatty Beach, to the heart-warming relationship of a carriage driver and his beloved horse. Each...

  • The Bombay Beat
    The Bombay Beat

    Bombay in India; now called through politics Mumbai; was a wonderful place in 1930's. A busy commercial and bustling housing area for millions of people, where anything including policemen and the judiciary could be bought and sold daily in India; just like today.Superintendent Grant was an honest guy who refused to join the endemically corrupt and criminal to the core British Police; so he joined The Indian Police Force to be useful in being an honest figurehead to a corrupt police force.Suddenly...

  • The Bandits of Bombay
    The Bandits of Bombay

    A murder in an elevator. A trail of heady perfume. The Nanasaheb's priceless Naulakha necklace - Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu are in Bombay where Jatayu's latest book is being filmed under the title Jet Bahadur. Soon after Jatayu hands over a package to a man in a red shirt, a man is murdered in the elevator of the high-rise where the producer of the film lives. Feluda and his companions find themselves in the midst of one of their most thrilling adventures ever, with a hair-raising climax aboard a...

  • Matrimonio a Bombay
    Matrimonio a Bombay

    Tra le strade affollate di una città magica si incontrano i destini di tre donne determinate, libere e coraggiose Nell’autunno del 1928 la maestosa nave Kaiser-i-Hind salpa da Londra diretta a Bombay. In prima classe viaggiano due donne inglesi: la bella e timida Rose, che va a raggiungere il suo promesso sposo, e la sua migliore amica Tor, che la accompagna felice di liberarsi dell’opprimente madre. Sulla stessa nave viaggia anche la giovane Viva, aspirante scrittrice, che torna nel Paese della...

  • Bombay, hyperstad
    Bombay, hyperstad

    Voor het eerst zullen in 2007 meer mensen in steden wonen dan op het platteland. Vooral in Azië groeit het aantal steden en megasteden razendsnel. Hoe gaat de stad met al die mensen om? Hoe gaan de burgers om met de stad? Is urbanisatie een probleem? Of eerder een oplossing? Rob Vreeken nam poolshoogte in Bombay, de op twee na grootste stad ter wereld. Hij sprak met bestuurders, bouwvakkers, Bollywoodsterren, jongeren, huisvrouwen, voddenraapsters, activisten, architecten, ondernemers, filmregisseurs...

  • Bombay Gin Sapphire 700ml
    Bombay Gin Sapphire 700ml

    The incomparable taste of Bombay Sapphire is the result of ten carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process.

  • From Bombay to Bollywood
    From Bombay to Bollywood

    From Bombay to Bollywood analyzes the transformation of the national film industry in Bombay into a transnational and multi-media cultural enterprise, which has come to be known as Bollywood. Combining ethnographic, institutional, and textual analyses, Aswin Punathambekar explores how relations between state institutions, the Indian diaspora, circuits of capital, and new media technologies and industries have reconfigured the Bombay-based industry’s geographic reach. Providing in-depth accounts of...

  • Bombay Adelaid 45-Piece Flatware Set
    Bombay Adelaid 45-Piece Flatware Set

    With its flared handles and stately pattern of fine lines, the Bombay Adelaid flatware set makes entertaining a thing of beauty -- at casual and formal tables alike.

  • 14k Gold Bracelet, Bombay Bismark Chain
    14k Gold Bracelet, Bombay Bismark Chain

    Add a hint of luxury to your ensemble with this chic Bombay Bismark bracelet. Crafted in 14k gold. Approximate length: 7-1/2 inches.

  • Isabelle of Bombay: A Cosmic Conflict
    Isabelle of Bombay: A Cosmic Conflict

    This riveting novel tells the story of Isabelle, a beautiful child, who grows up in the tempestuous city of Bombay. It takes readers through Isabelle's emotional roller-coaster of a journey - her childhood, her starry-eyed romance, the killing of innocence as she endures a traumatic marriage, and her final tryst with true love in Canada.The book is richly evocative and entertaining in its portrayal of Bombay. But saddened by the overwhelming poverty, depressed over the disparities and contradictions...

  • Mr Todiwala's Bombay
    Mr Todiwala's Bombay

    The latest book from TV chef Cyrus Todiwala, Mr Todiwalas Bombay incorporates the best of both classic and modern Indian cuisine. Since the release of his bestselling The Incredible Spice Men, also a hit BBC Two series, Cyrus has made a name for himself as a master of spices and Indian cuisine.To Cyrus, Mumbai will always be Bombay: the jostling, colourful city of his childhood and the land that cultivated his passion for food. Join Cyrus and his wife Pervin on a bustling culinary jaunt around one...

  • Love and Longing in Bombay
    Love and Longing in Bombay

    Set in contemporary India, Love and Longing in Bombay confirms Vikram Chandra as one of today's most exciting young writers..In five haunting tales he paints a remarkable picture of Bombay - its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries - while exploring timeless questions of the human spirit.'When Midnight's Children first arrived on the scene, it became necessary to revaluate stories from and about India..With Vikram Chandra's collection - his second book - it is time to take stock again ...

  • Three Merchants of Bombay
    Three Merchants of Bombay

    Three Merchants of Bombay is the story of three intrepid merchants—Trawadi Arjunji Nathji, Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy and Premchand Roychand—who traded out of Bombay in the nineteenth century, founding pioneering business empires. Trailblazing in their enterprise, these adventurers possessed the unique ability to find and then exploit the big opportunities that came their way. It was a time of transition, and they prospered because they thought big and took risks. Set against the backdrop of global and...

  • Bombay 6 Drawer Tallboy
    Bombay 6 Drawer Tallboy

    Product Description Bombay 6 Drawer Tallboy The Bombay Tallboy is beautifully crafted from Solid Pine Timber, consisting of a classic, yet modern look. It has the potential to fit into a wide range of bedroom settings. The design features 6 spacious draws to make sure it can store all your valuables. With metal extension it provides great functionality for everyday use. FEATURES Solid Pine Timber Chunky and Thick Timber Australian Country Style Metal Extension Runners DIMENSIONS 1160mm(H) x 44...

  • Bombay Bedside Table
    Bombay Bedside Table

    Product Description Bombay Bedside Table The Bombay bedside table will complement the bedroom space beautifully with its elegant yet subtle design. The bedside table consist of three spacious draws which will allow you to store your valuables. It features metal runners on drawers, complemented with copper handles; the construction will sure last for years. FEATURES Solid pine timber Chunky and thick timber Australian country style Metal extension runners DIMENSIONS 700mm(H) x 580mm(W) x 420mm(D...

  • Bombay 3 Drawer Buffet
    Bombay 3 Drawer Buffet

    Product Description Bombay 3 Drawer Buffet Made from Solid Pine Timber the Bombay Buffet is beautifully crafted to last and to aesthetically impress.The buffet offers 3 spacious doors allowing more than sufficient storage space. The classic design allows the buffet to fit in nicely while complementing its surrounding. The use of copper handle also adds to its timeless looks. It also features metal runners on drawers for ease of use. A great example where looks and functionality goes hand in hand...

  • Bombay Essex 45-Piece Flatware Set
    Bombay Essex 45-Piece Flatware Set

    From its ornate ridged border to its high luster, the Bombay Essex 45-piece stainless steel flatware set makes a beautiful addition to the table year after year.

  • Bombay Queen Bed Frame
    Bombay Queen Bed Frame

    Product Description Bombay Queen Bed Frame The Bombay bed is a unique and beautifully crafted bed which will suit a wide range of bedroom setting and decorations. The beautiful light brown finish will give your bedroom a classic and timeless look. Aside from giving your bedroom just the right touch of class, this bed offers you support you can trust for years. FEATURES Solid pine timber Chunky and thick timber Australian country style 35mm thick solid timber slats DIMENSIONS 1650mm(W) x 2260mm...