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  • Wizoo Guide: Cubase VST Macintosh
    Wizoo Guide: Cubase VST Macintosh

    Description The Wizoo Guide Cubase VST Macintosh is the best place to get a head-start if you are interested in acquiring VST; if you're already a user, this book will help you to come up with the kind of results that you always wanted. Find out all about the best hardware for the job, how to boost the program's performance and make the most of plug-ins, EQs and mixer automation; plus a mother-lode of professional mixing, mastering and routing tips. Includes CD-Rom Mac/Audio with audio examples...

  • Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Education Version
    Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra - Education Version

    Complete symphonic orchestra with breathtakingly authentic strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. 1250 instrument patches and combis in 27GB of samples. Extraordinarily expressive with full dynamic range covering all common articulations of each instrument. Unique Crescendo Controller feature allows seamlessly real-time blending between samples with different dynamic characteristics. Articulation key-switch instruments for creative, intuitive and dynamic playing. Richly detailed and perfectly...

  • Product Name: STEINBERG HALION 3.1
    Product Name: STEINBERG HALION 3.1

    256 voices, 16-way multi-timbral, 128 programs per instance. Supports nearly all common sampler formats, audio file formats as well as ISO, Nero and Toast Disc Images. Resource-sparing operation courtesy of innovative RAMSave technology. 5.1 Surround-enabled Sample Engine, supports audio files up to 384 kHz. Up to 256 freely configurable outputs per instance. High-quality Waldorf filters. Extensive effect section. Integrated browser with useful tools for searching, organizing, categorizing...

  • Steinberg HALion 3.1 update
    Steinberg HALion 3.1 update

    HALion 3.1 update from all previous versions of HALion (excluding HALion player and HALion 1).

  • Steinberg Halion 4
    Steinberg Halion 4

    State-of-the-art sound design environment developed according to the requirements of professional sound designers. Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support. Flexible user interface for customizing and saving windows and screen sets. Multi-monitor support for perfect overview of large projects. Virtual Analog Synthesis Engine offers multiple oscillator types, additional sub and noise oscillators and cross-modulation...

  • Steinberg Sequel 3 Music Creation Software
    Steinberg Sequel 3 Music Creation Software

    All-in-one music production studio to create, record, mix and perform your music. Easy-to-learn one-window design for intuitive and enjoyable music creation. More than 5,000 high-quality loops and sounds from all genres. HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent ONE and VST Amp Rack SE for authentic virtual music production. Full range of pro-audio effects to get the most out of your mix. One-click tempo detection for easily creating your own remixes. Performance Mode for on-the-fly arrangements and remarkable...

  • Steinberg HALion 4 Software Sampler - Education version
    Steinberg HALion 4 Software Sampler - Education version

    HALion 4 is the latest version of Steinberg's award-winning software sampler. By fusing the inspiring and powerful tools of a next-generation sampling environment with the creative potential of a first-class synth engine, HALion 4 ushers in a new era in professional sound design. The hybrid character, along with in-depth editing tools and the most efficient yet flexible desktop concept ever witnessed in a virtual instrument set HALion 4 clearly apart from traditional software samplers.


    Five great-sounding virtual instruments in one package. Features HALion SE, The Grand SE, D’cota SE, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE, and Groove Agent SE. All VST Instruments are custom designed and fully compatible with any VSTi host application. Contains over 700MB of sounds. HALion SE supports hard disk streaming and file import for WAV, AIFF, REX and other formats. Macintosh and PC cross-platform compatible. Attractive upgrade offers for each SE instrument available online.


    The STEINBERG CUBASE VERSION 7.5 EDUCATION is filled with deidicated tools for many musical genres including metal, and indie-pop. The CUBASE 7.5 comes with new features allowing you to create alternate track versions, keep focused with track visibility management system and explore the new sonic possibilities of HALion Sonic SE 2, Groove Agent SE 4, the REVelation reverb and many more.