<li><strong>Why choose New Look?</li></strong> New Look was launched in 1969 and is now the third largest womenswear retailer in the UK. We have a total of over 1000 stores internationally (including Eire, Belgium, France, Singapore and the Middle East). We are a leading high-street retailer offering womenswear, menswear, teen, children and baby wear. Also within womenswear we offer accessories, maternity, lingerie and swimwear, tall and larger size ranges. In 2007, we became the UK&#8217;s largest footwear retailer by volume taking nearly 10% of the footwear market. 32.7% (just under 8 million) of British women have bought an item from us in the last year. New Look has everything under one roof and we pride ourselves on providing a truly unique offer in the market place by catering to all shapes and sizes! With ranges updated daily you&#8217;ll be sure to find the freshest and newest trends at New Look. We attract a broad customer base (ages ranging from 13 - 50 &#8211; social grade is largely similar to the national average with a 50:50 split between ABC1 and D2DE &#8211; although a third is C1). truly the one stop shop for the fashion savvy shopper!
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