35mm Point and Shoot Cameras

This article is dedicated to SLR Cameras. While some people may claim that these standard film cameras are already antiquated, there is still something to be said about them. 35mm point and shoot cameras are especially good for those who are not photography pros, but who like to take pictures once and awhile, or even very rarely. This is also an ideal type of camera to own if you don't use a computer. Here are more reasons why to stick with tradition. ! # '''Simple developing''': For those without a computer or lots of technological know-how a film camera is still the easiest to use. They are easy to take pictures with and easy to get the pictures developed. Just drop off the film while in the drugstore and it's taken care of. No computers or machines to deal with other than the camera itself. # '''Userzoom features, 35mm cameras are simple to use. Point and shoot cameras are also fairly compact and lightweight. # '''Quality pictures''': Some would debate this fact. However, point and shoot cameras still produce good looking photos that any amateur photographer can appreciate. # '''Price:''' These are still the least expensive camera models on the market. They initially cost less to buy, have no maintainance fees or necessary add-on costs, and periodic film purchases and devloping are relatively inexpensive and hassle free.

Why Go Digital?

To be fair, there are some cons to owning a 35mm camera instead of a digital point and shoot. Here are the most popular reasons for switching over to digital. ! # Digital cameras have the ability to be much smaller and lighter than 35mm cameras because they don't need a spot for film. They are more expensive though. # With a digital camera you can take as many photos as you want without having to develop them to see what the picture looks like, which saves money on badly shot photos. If the picture came out poorly you can delete it without printing it because digital cameras allow for on the spot viewing. If the shot didn't come out well you can take it again so that you never miss a "Kodak moment". # New technology is helping to make even the most flawed photographers produce decent pictures. Camera shake is eliminated, out of focus shots are miraculously corrected, photos can be edited onboard the camera, and more. # With a digital camera you can print photos from home. # You can easily email pictures to others without dealing with snail mail. # Digital cameras use removeable memory chips that allow you to store hundreds of photos instead of a mere 24 or 36 as with a traditional roll of film.

Why Upgrade to an SLR?

SLRs are for the advanced photographer and photography enthusiast. They are the types of cameras that you see covered with buttons and knobs, with big fancy lenses. To the novice they may seem scary, but SLRs offer more manual and creative control as well as the highest quality photos around. They are more expensive though and they do require that the photographer understand how all the different functions work as well as the many tools and accessories that go along with it. SLRs are perfect if you want to learn about how photography works and if you want to develop an eye for taking great pictures. Usually they are required for photography courses, and they are what any professional or artist will prefer.

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