A Romantic Dinner for Two

There are lots of different way you can plan a romantic dinner for two  that will make you and your loved one feel special. Here are some things to consider when choosing your perfect outing. 


This sounds simple enough, but you should make sure to pick a place that is convenient and easy to get to--you don't want to get lost! You will need to decide if you want to plan your evening indoors or outdoors.


  • Restaurant : Be sure to make a reservation  if you know the place is going to be crowded. It also helps to check it out yourself first; this way you'll be sure you won't be taking your significant other to a dive. Since the restaurant will most likely be adorned and decorated, you don't have to worry about that, but consider bringing a gift for your partner. If the restaurant is BYOB, try bringing a bottle of wine ; otherwise, consider a sweet card .Flowers  and chocolates  are always helpful too!
  • Your Place: This gives you a little more room to be creative when setting up your dinner. Consider making a meal that you've practised before that you know will come out well. Don't hesitate to decorate your space with candles ,rose petals  or holiday decorations , especially if it's Valentine's Day .


  • Dinner Cruise : If you are able to find something you both like, this could be nice. Some ships  will travel around a given city for a night and provide you with dinner, dancing  and entertainment.
  • Park: This option is definitely seasonal. Make sure to eat your meal before it starts to get dark out and buy a few items for comfort: a cooler  to chill your drinks or food, a picnic blanket , a radio , etc. Pack food items that will accommodate the setting, and consider your temperature and how long you have between making food and serving it--you don't want it getting cold.


If you are on a tighter budget, consider a reasonably priced restaurant and limit the amount of alcohol  you order, for example, two glasses of wine rather than a whole bottle. If money is not an issue for you, feel free to pick some place nice and maybe even gourmet, but make sure you know the food is good first. You don't want to waste your money on something terrible, and just because it's pricey does not guarantee good food.  If you're the one being invited, it's always safe to assume that the two of you will be splitting your costs down the middle, so make sure you each have cash for wherever it is you're going.

After Hours

Depending on how much alcohol you're drinking and what kind of mood you're in, you might want to consider a few options.

  • Dessert : Having dessert at some place other than your dinner location is always fun. Pick one or two nice cafes  nearby so you have some options. Or, you can always make something yourself.
  • Bar : If you want to keep drinking, try a nice, quiet type of place that allows you both to sit and have conversation.
  • Hotel : For a really fancy evening, spend the night in the hotel. A break from normality in a nice room could be fun.
  • Bedroom : Let's be honest, you may end up here at some point during the night, and you should be prepared. Consider condoms ,lingerie ,massage oil ,champagne  and any other types of goodies you may need.

More Help

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Last Step

Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy yourself! Don't get too stressed out planning all the details. Chances are, if you are with your loved one, everything will work out just fine. Enjoy!