Accordions can be a bit pricey, so unless you're certain you'll stay committed to your instrument for an extended period of time, you should avoid spending $10,000 on a professional accordian. There are plenty of options for beginners that are cost effective and plenty of fun to learn to play.

Types of Accordions

New or Used?

A new accordian can cost upwards of $10,000, so buying new would be somewhat unreasonable if you don't plan on committing to the instrument full-time. However, a good used accordian will cost you much less and is a more reasonable plan of action for a beginner. If you decide to buy used, there are a few things you should take note of when looking at different accordians. Accordians 30+ years old may be cheap initially, but may require a major overhaul that will end up costing you up to $1500. There are a few tests that you can do yourself when looking at a used accordian. * Check the bellows for leaks. * Listen for rattling while you play it. If you hear anything, it may indicate that a reed has separated from its wax. * Play two octaves of the same note. They should be in tune with eachother. * Take a whiff of the case and the accordian. If it smells musty, the accordian and/or case may be ridden with mold and rusty reeds, among other possibilities. * Accordians that have been used frequently are your best bet, as they have likely been cared for well. * Avoid accordians that have been ignored for an uncountable number of years.