Accordions Buying Guide

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, buying an accordion  is difficult.  There are a broad range of prices available, as well as different types of accordions, and different styles associated with different genres of music .  The best thing to do when contemplating an accordion is to find out what features you need, and which you don't.  A local musical instrument  store should be able to help you determine the ability level that you are at, what level you would like to get to, and what you need in an instrument to get you there.  Instrument stores are also helpful for repairs, selling used instruments, trades of old instruments, and buying sheet music .  Keep your budget in mind; it's very easy to get sucked in by fancy models and impressive stats. Instruments can be very expensive, so set a limit for yourself when planning a purchase.  You don't want to end up with a $5,000 instrument before your first lesson. 

Different Types of Accordions:

 Piano Accordions

  • Right-handed vertical keyboard, similar to a piano .
  • Also available in left-handed models.
  • Simpler design.
  • Classic accordion style.

Diatonic or Button Accordions

  • This melodic style accordion has buttons instead of keys.
  • There are sometimes one or two keys on the bass side of the instrument.


  • These also have buttons instead of keys.
  • Each button makes one note, instead of a typical accordion, which forms chords with each button press.
  • There are different styles within the range of concertinas, typically based on geography.
  • Popular with folk  and other traditional music formats.

Chromatic Accordions

  • The buttons of this accordion are arranged chromatically, to form a type of melodic keyboard.
  • This style features multiple rows of buttons.
  • These accordions are also different in styles, depending on the geography.
  • Greater range than the standard piano accordion.

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