After Sun Care Guide

Before you get out your togs  and sunnies , remember to stock up on some after sun care--best be prepared. If you're not, that's fine too, but after sun exposure, pick up a few products to help you deal with a nasty burn or a glorious tan.  This will keep your skin healthy and looking great. It is important to keep sunbaked skin moisturised--whether or not it's burned--because well moisturised skin is healthy skin.  You won't appear to be as much of a tanorexic, and you'll look younger longer.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an old standby for burns, and it will help you keep your tan moisturised and beautiful. Most aloe products are available in non-greasy formulas that don't make you feel broken out or sticky. Aloe Vera also works very well for basic painful burns, from waffle irons or the like. The best brands of aloe Vera lotions are:

Anti-Itch Lotions

Anti-itch lotions soothe raw and burned skin with moisturisers as well as cooling formulas, and make the skin feel better almost immediately. So not only do they heal the skin, but they also stop the burning and itching that are the most annoying parts. Other anti-itch lotions to soothe a sunburn:


Calendula is a natural herb that helps to soothe sunbaked skin, and it even works on nappy rash. It comes in many different creams, salves, lotions, even in shampoo and soap. Calendula is a natural way to make a burn feel better, and is often included in lotion, as it keeps your skin well moisturised. Some great products with calendula:

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a powerful moisturiser, and works well to seal in moisture after you come in from the sun. It is included in many body lotions, soaps and body washes. If your lotion contains more cocoa butter than it does other ingredients, this will help keep your skin plump and shiny--not to mention you'll enjoy the great warm smell, which goes great with sea water. Some great products featuring cocoa butter are:

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