After-Sun Care & Sunburn Treatments

In many countries today, being tan is an attractive feature, but laying in the sun for hours has its price. Overindulging in sun rays is detrimental to your skin's health since sun overexposure dehydrates your skin, depleting it of its antioxidants. Though research is ongoing about whether sunscreen will actually prevent you from getting skin cancer, melanoma, or any sun related diseases, it's not a bad idea to always use sunscreen during your sun escapades. However, if you are another unfortunate sun lover who left the sunscreen at home or forgot to reapply it after a first swim, we'll help you find your ideal relief. And, if you're a sun lover who is actually concerned about your skin's health in addition to its appearance, we can also provide you with some best-selling after-sun products.

After-Sun Care

After-sun products keep your skin hydrated. Even if you don't ''look'' sunburned, you should take care to use some kind of after-sun care to mitigate against any looming sunburns from your future days in the sun and, if you're lucky, be able to turn that minor burn into a tan. Apply the lotion or gel every evening after your days of sun-bathing. When choosing an after-sun care product, you may not have much choice, especially if you wind up in a beautifully sunny foreign country where many products that are sold in the U.S. are not available. On the other hand, if you think ahead and bring along some relief in a bottle, you can ensure that your fun-filled beach days won't be cut short. 

Sunburn Relief

If you are reading this, chances are that you have had the unfortunate experience of either forgetting to apply sunscreen, falling  asleep on the beach or simply being fair skinned. Looking like a lobster after spending time outdoors is only half of the problem though. The pain and the damage you have done to your skin is the main issue. Obviously, once the damage is done, there is little you can do to rewind the clocks.  There are, however, plenty of products out there that can help soothe your skin and provide temporary relief to help you sleep without cringing. Here are some standards in the sunburn-relief industry. Also keep in mind that it can be helpful to take pain reliever (anti-inflammatory NSAIDs), apply a cold compress to the burned areas, drink plenty of fluids and take a cool bath. ---- '''Aloe Vera''' ---- '''Lidocaine''' ---- '''Calendula''' ----

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