Anklets Shopping Guide

Anklets  came into existence during the Bronze  Age. Wearing an ankle bracelet  is a brilliant way to dress up your feet for any occasion.


  • Choose silver anklets  with tiny little bells that suit the ethnic wear or any traditional attire.
  • Go for a beaded anklet  when your wearing knee-length skirts or Capri.
  • Are you going for a beach party or a hip hop show, then you can wear an ankle bracelet with blue-green turquoise .
  • Brides should choose anklets with sharp cut crystals and pearls  as it enhances the beauty and elegance of the entire attire.
  • For faded denim jeans, you can buy gemstone anklet  either on one foot or on both.
  • Onyx Anklets  are all-time favourite, and they match any type of outfit.


Ankle chain is available in different materials.

Top Sellers

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

9ct Yellow Gold 3 Hearts Box 9" Anklet :

It has 3 hearts and is a perfect selection for Valentine’s Day.

Sterling Silver 9" Triple Dolphin Anklet :

This silver anklet has three dolphins, which are connected with silver rings.

Magnetic Hematite Anklet :

This healing anklet has colourful beads, magnets and natural grounding stones.

Quick Picks

Swarovski Crystal Anklet :

It has rhodium plated trailing petal-shaped Swarovski AB crystals. Available in different colours, you can choose an ankle chain that matches your dress.

Diamante Anklet :

Made from gold, this anklet is popularly known as payal. The length of this ankle chain can be easily adjusted.

Antique Gold and Stone Rajestani Anklet :

Designed by Meera Mahadevia, this ankle chain is embedded with clear crystals and gives a traditional look.

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