Baby Slings Buying Guide

carriers, are very comfortable and secure.

Types of Baby Slings

* '''head rests. * '''Front Carriers''':These baby carriers are ideal for smaller kids and come in simple designs. Babies can be placed outwards or inwards. * '''Asian baby carriers and are made up of strong and long fabrics. Normally, they come in colourful and quilted materials. * '''Sling Carriers''':These baby slings look very much like wrap carriers. Babies stay supported with the help of the shoulder strap. * '''Beco Baby Carrier''':These carriers come in a flexible design and can be worn at the front and back.  Both toddlers and new born babies can be carried using these.

Baby Slings Brands

* Maya * HABA * Quinny * NAVY * Lollipop Lane * H2

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