Barbecue Tools Buying Guide

For a really great barbecue, you need a few supplies... meat ,veggies , possibly grog, definitely utensils and plates . The tools  for barbecuing are easy to spot, and easy to use. They all have long handles (if they don't, don't buy them, you don't want to burn yourself) and generally have a bit of string at the end to attach to the barbecue  when not in use. Some are sold in a set, and others are sold separately. There are a lot of different sauces  and marinades  to choose from to add some spice and flavour to your barbecue, so be sure to peruse a few next time you're out shopping.


Grill Tongs 

Allow you to flip, check, and serve the food on the barbecue.

Grill Spatula 

Great for flipping meat and delicate fish without breaking it.

Basting Brush 

Works for applying various sauces to your food.

Barbecue Fork 

Perfect for prodding, checking, and serving.

Grill Brush 

Keeps your barbecue clean after use. A definite necessity!

Basic Tools

Grill Knife 

Handy for cutting meat and veggies.

Barbecue Charcoal Basket 

Puts charcoal where you can keep an eye on it.

Meat Thermometer 

Allows you to see how your meat is doing, and whether or not it has cooked completely.

Grill Light 

Works for grilling in the dark!



Make your own kabobs at home on your grill.

Corn Grill Basket 

Evenly and expertly cooked corn on the cob.

Fish Grill Basket 

Cooks fish evenly and doesn't let them flake apart.

Grill Basket 

Cooks any number of delicate foods.

Grill Press 

Weighs down food for even grilling, expelling extra fat.

Grill Skillet 

Great for stir frying vegetables; comes with removable handle.

Corn Cob Holders 

Holds your corn on the cob so you don't overheat your fingers,or drip with butter.

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