A good firm mattress.  Many say that a firm mattress gives them better support and reduces back pain, but others say it's like sleeping on a washboard and aren't able to get a good night sleep on them. If you need help finding the perfect bed, this is the place to look.

The Bare Bones of Bed Sizes

 What you need to consider:  Once you determine what will work best to meet these needs, you can start looking into styles and sizes. * '''One Person''' ** Twin: 39"x75" ** Twin XL (college dorms, for the most part): 39" x 80" ** Full: 54" x 75" * '''Two People ''' ** Queen: 60" x 80" ** King: 76" x 80" ** California King: 72" x 84" * These are standard U.S. sizes. Standard sizes in other countries may vary.

Bed Designs

Like the rest of your furniture, your bed's style can expand infinitely in any direction. Once you've covered your sleeping needs, have fun choosing the style! They can be anything from simple to extravagant and flirty to functional. Metal headboards and footboards usually convey a more modern look, while wood, ever the versatile medium, can convey anything from country casual to royal European. 

Classic Designs

Space-Saving Beds


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