Bedspreads Buying Guide

Bedspreads are capable of enhancing the beauty of your room instantly.

Styles and Materials

Bedspreads are most often made up of cotton using various weaves like metalasse, jacquard, corduroy and chenille.

  • The weaving styles will affect the thickness of the bedspreads and the texture also differs with different weave styles. For instance Corduroy bedspreads have a fine grained texture, whereas chenile bedspreads are smooth and silky.
  • They might include minute details like fringed edges, embroidery and eyelets to achieve the desired effect. Detailing like embroidery and fringed edges would create an aura of grandeur to your bedroom decor.
  •  Other popular bed spread styles are ruffled, bejeweled, embellished, knitted, crocheted and quilted.
  •  Quilted bedspreads have a padding made of polyester or cotton and they give additional warmth.
  •  Crocheted and knitted ones are expensive and exquisite for they are handcrafted.

Bedspread Selection Tips

  • Normally satin or cotton bedspreads are chosen as they are very soft.  Harsh textured bedspreads are avoided as they can lead to skin allergies and irritation.
  • The fabrics used in the making of bedspreads need to have some body and weight so that they do not slip from the bed and also handling them are trouble free. 

Bedspreads Brands

  • Scotts
  • Tiffany
  • Swiss
  • Omega
  • Habitat
  • Wallace

Quick Picks

Quik Picks

Patchwork Blue Single Bedspread :

The patchwork bedspread is in pretty blue and is a mix of cotton and polyester.

Tufted Voile Bedspread :

The bedspread from the house of John Lewis is made of voile and is a bright pink. 

Cotton Bedspread :

The handcrafted cotton bedspread contains beautiful detailing that exudes a chic charm.

Quick Picks

Etoille Quilted Bedspread :

The woven bedspread with stunning details provides a finishing touch to any bedroom décor. 

Swirl Embroidered Bedspread with Pillow Shams :

The embroidered bedspread has vertical and horizontal lines in a cream fabric that can enhance the style of your bedroom. 

Black Bejewelled Quilted Bedspread :

The bedspread is quilted for comfort and is exotically bejeweled.  

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