Beer Glassware Buying Guide

If you prefer to go to the bottle shop with a few mates, pick up some grog or plonk, and take it home with you, as opposed to hitting a boozer, maybe investing in a few glasses would be fun and helpful. Whether you prefer butchers, handles, middys, schooners, pints, pots, or jugs, however you enjoy a coldie is up to you.  Having a few glasses around, however, gives any beano a touch of elegance--whether or not grog is served from an esky ! So go pick up a few slabs, throw some music on the stereo , and break out the new glasses.  Whether it's just a few mates or a bonzer of a beanfest, glasses make any party a bit classier...and if you put them in the fridge, it makes for a lovely glass of amber fluid.


Different Types of Beer Glasses

  • Thick glass keeps beer cold
  • Classic beer serving glass
  • Thick enough to be dishwasher safe
  • Pub flavour for your home collection
  • Tapered
  • Great for lighter beers
  • Smaller than a pint glass
  • Tapered shape is what makes it a Pilsner
  • Come in many different shapes
  • Serves all kinds of beer
  • Some have handles, some do not
  • Collectible
  • Meant for serving wheat beer
  • Allows room for the head
  • Hourglass shape, but wider at top
  • Taller than a pint glass
  • Fancy presentation
  • Classic beer serving glass
  • Generally dishwasher safe
  • Beer looks nice, and the stem is handy

Fun and Novelty Beer Receptacles

  • A yard long
  • Recommended glass for Skolling
  • Novelty glass; makes a great wall ornament when not in use
  • These can get fancy and very large
  • Great for engraving
  • Fun and colourful mugs make great decoration
  • The helmet is the classic beer hat style
  • Great for parties and sporting events
  • Available in lots of different colours, and sometimes available with team crests

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