Birthday Gifts For Mum


Mums can be really difficult to buy for, especially because there are so many holidays throughout the year that mandate gift-giving, including holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, and of course, her birthday. If your Mum is anything like mine, she'll tell you she is just happy with a hug or a card . While hugs and cards are a must for your Mum's special day, it's still appropriate to pick out a thoughtful item that your mother will love--maybe just as much as she loves you (no pressure!). The good news is that there is no shortage of gift ideas available. Every year I have a hard time deciding what to get my Mum, so thank goodness Shopwiki is here to help make that decision easier!

Gifts on a Budget

If you don't have a lot of money, don't stress. Your Mum is going to be happy with whatever gift she is given, and luckily there are a number of less expensive options available. Don't let the word cheap throw you off, because some of the most loved gifts don't need to break the bank.

Flower Bouquets and Plants

Flowers and plants are a gift loved by most females. Better yet, since there are both cheap and expensive options, you can control how much you spend.

Chocolates and Lollies

My Mum has a serious sweet tooth, so I know she'll always be pleased with chocolates and lollies.

Coffee and Tea

Perhaps your Mum can't start her day without her morning cuppa? These fresh new gadgets will make each morning even brighter.

Gift Cards

Some Mums are just hard to shop for in general. Therefore, maybe the best option is to let her pick her own gift.

Plush Toys

These fuzzy friends are not just for little kids. They'll be sure to put a smile on her face, and maybe even bring out the child in her.

Gifts For The Kitchen

Does your Mum love cooking and spending time in the kitchen? If so, then the following items might make great gifts for your mother figure. There are literally hundreds of kitchen related gifts, but we have chosen the most popular kitchen items.

Dinner Sets 

Dinner sets make great gifts because they will always get used. They come in a variety of styles and colours, so have some fun shopping for a set that will suit your Mum.

Espresso and Coffee Machines 

If your Mum loves coffee as much as my Mum does, she will get a lot of use out of an espresso machine. Prices of espresso machines will depend on the brand you purchase.

Fondue Sets 

Fondue sets are great gifts for any Mums who love cheese or chocolate. On a budget? No problem! There are a variety of sizes and styles available and you can usually pick one up for a cheap price.

Measuring Spoons 

If your Mum is serious about cooking and ensuring her meals are made to perfection, a set of measuring spoons may be an ideal gift for your Mum. Most come in sets of four or five.

Wine Glasses 

Wine Glass sets range in price and style and will be great for your Mum to use when she hosts a dinner party or important event. 

Gifts For The Garden

If your Mum is the kind of person who can spend hours hands-deep in the garden, then you should be looking to purchase an outdoorsy-type gift. With many plants and garden accessories available, you can be rest assured your Mum will be satisfied on her special day.

Garden Statues 

Garden statues are a great gift and will add character and personality to your garden. There are many sizes and styles available, ranging from the common garden gnome  to realistic human figures.

Solar Power Garden Lights 

Solar powered garden lights are lights specifically designed for gardens that are powered by sunlight. They come in a range of colours and make for a nice yet affordable birthday gift.

Tool Kits 

Many Mums love to garden, so they will get a lot of use out of a tool kit. There are many kits available, and price will usually depend on how many tools are in each kit.

Wind Chimes 

Wind chimes come in many styles and are made of many different materials (each one making a unique sound). They tend to be reasonably priced so they are a cheap yet thoughtful birthday gift.

Gifts For The Home

If your Mum isn't interested in cooking but loves keeping her house looking interesting and beautiful, then a home related gift might be best for her. Similar to kitchen products, you have a lot of options when it comes to gifts for the home. You just need to ask yourself what sort of objects your Mum likes, and go from there. Check out these top selling home items.

Antique Style Clocks 

Everyone needs to be aware of the time of day, so what better gift than an antique style clock? There is an array of styles available.


There come in many sizes, shapes and styles when it comes to lamps. They make great gifts for everyone-including Mums.


It might surprise you to know that there are so many options when it comes to candles. They rang in colour, size, scent, and shape. Better yet, they often come in pre-packed gift sets.

Picture Frames 

Photos make great gifts and they look even better in a photo frame. They range in size and style, so you can always find a design that is affordable.

Oil Burners 

Women love oil burners because they add to the ambiance of your home and also make your house smell fresh. There are many oil scents available and the style of the burner itself also varies.

Beauty Gifts

You can never go wrong if you purchase a beauty related gift for your Mum, even for those who possess sensitive skin. From cosmetics to perfume, you won't be lacking choices in finding a beauty-related present.


Women usually love to look their best, whether it's spending the afternoon playing bingo or hosting a dinner party.

Fragrances and Perfume

One can never have enough perfume and body sprays. There are many scents and flavours available, so you'll be able to find one that your Mum is going to love.

Bath and Shower

After a busy day of running around after the family, Mums sometimes enjoy a soothing bath or a long shower.

Hair Care

Whether she's curling her hair for a social event or frantically drying her locks so she can get to work on time, a lady needs to have her hair accessories.


Without a doubt, Mums work really hard to keep our homes clean and tidy. Let her sit back and relax with these gifts.

For Her Viewing and Listening Pleasure

If you want to ensure your Mum receives a gift that's near and dear to her heart, you have many options available. The most important thing to remember when you are shopping for your Mum is that you know her better than anyone. In this day and age, media and entertainment is high on many individual's list of wants and needs, so take your Mum-knowledge and put it to good use. Here are some suggestions from the ShopWiki Team.


Is your mother a bit of a book worm? Is she always looking for an exciting novel to take to her next book club? You might have just found the perfect gift.


Movies make a great present, and there are thousands of titles available. She'll most likely love anything regarding love or romance.

Television Series

I don't know about your Mum, but mine is addicted to television. Let her catch up on her own time with her favourite programs in a boxed DVD set. 


She may not be up-to-date with the latest iPod or MP3 player, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like music. There are so many great artists out there (even if they come from decades past).

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