Candles Buying Guide

While buying candles  is a relatively simple task, you don't want to buy just any random kind. Candles can be bought according to occasion, what types of rooms they are appropriate in, or even what mood you're trying to create. They can match your home décor or just be used to keep bugs away from your patio. Whatever your need for candles is, there's definitely a type out there perfect for you. If you have trouble finding exactly what you want, take a look through this buying guide to see if any of this information or these suggestions can help you out. 

Main Types

There are so many different candles out there that it's hard to decipher which kinds will work best for you and your lifestyles. Here are the main types and hopefully you'll find this information helpful. 

Major Types

Container Candles 

  • Container candles are made out of gel or wax poured into a glass jar or tin of some sort.
  • They are relatively safe because they are pretty stable and can't be knocked over easily.
  • They aren't messy since all of the melted wax is contained.
  • They are easy to store since they have a lid.

Taper Candles 

  • Taper candles are long and slender.
  • They range from around 6 inches to 18 inches long.
  • If you go with this type, you'll need to purchase some candle holders , since they can't stand on their own. 
  • They make great table decorations.
  • Although they easily fit into a draw or cabinet, they can snap in half pretty easily, so be delicate when handling.

Pillar Candles 

  • Pillar candles are self standing and thick in diameter.
  • Although the wax usually pools in the centre, you may want to put them on a little plate to capture excess wax.
  • The majority are round, but they come in a variety of other shapes such as square or hexagonal.
  • These are usually scented, although some come unscented.

Gel Candles 

  • These are made out of gel rather than wax.
  • Most of them come in a container, but some are still free standing.
  • These are more transparent and come in more variety of shapes.
  • They often have figurines placed in the gel.
  • Melted gel is hotter than melted wax, so make sure the container can withstand the extra heat and don't burn it for more than an hour or two. 

Other Common Types

Tealight Candles 

  • These are small and cylindrical, usually around and inch high and no more than an inch and a half in diameter
  • They're either in a metal or ceramic container.
  • Sometimes they come in a floatable container and are used as floating candles 

Votive Candles 

  • Votive candles are small and cylindrical and no more than 3 inches high
  • They are designed to be placed in a holder that will capture the excess wax.
  • Although they were originally used in religious ceremonies, they now come in many colors and are common in homes.


Speciality Candles 

  • Speciality candles come in a variety of shapes and colours.
  • You can find ones that suit a specific occasion or decoration theme.
  • They are usually free-standing and sculpted into a variety of three-dimensional objects and serve more decorative than functional purposes

Birthday Candles 

  • These are great for decorating birthday cakes or cupcakes.
  • Like many types of candles, they come in many different shapes and colors.
  • You could go with numbers to display ages, traditional birthday candles, or different speciality candles to fit the theme of the birthday party.

For Your Home

Candles make great home decorations and can be used in just about any room in your house or apartment. Whether you need to spruce up a dining room table or make a bathroom smell fresh, there's a candle out there for you. Remember to always be safe, though, and never leave one burning for too long. 

For Your Home

Dining Room


  • In the bedroom you want to use them to either create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere.
  • Tealight candles  are great for enhancing a romantic mood. You could try putting them on your window sill.
  • For relaxation try scented votive candles .Lavender  and vanilla  are great scents.
  • Keep them away from flammable items and out of children's bedrooms.


  • Scented candles are great for keeping bathrooms fresh.
  • Pillar  or container candles  are the best for bathrooms since they are both pretty stable.
  • Use light and refreshing scents such as lime  or something citrus . But don't allow it to overwhelm the small space of your bathroom.
  • Try to keep them away from curtains or places where they'll easily be knocked over. 


  • For the outdoors, on patios or in the yard, you'll need bug repellent candles. 
  • Don't use scented or unscented candles outside unless the labels say they are outdoor candles .
  • They are great for creating some heat and light, but never leave them burning unless someone is outside.

For Specific Occasions

Specific Occasions


Candles make great decorations for every holiday. With the variety of shapes and colours they come in, you can use them in centrepieces or as shelve decorations. They can be elegant at dinner parties or fun shapes for different themes.


Candles are essential at weddings. They help create that romantic and elegant atmosphere and match almost every theme. They are great for decorations, Wedding Favours or wedding party gifts.


Candle making companies come up with new scents everyday and they have got some great ones for aromatherapy.  They're great if you're having trouble relaxing or craving a calm atmosphere.