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Let's be honest, guys. We care about what we look like, but we differ in how much energy we want to put into our appearance. Here are some guides to make getting dressed a little easier and clearer. Need to learn the basics?  Consult our Men's Guide To Getting Dressed. * Want to know where else to look? Come to our Style Resources for Men. * Already have a favorite brand or designer? Visit our Men's Clothing Designer page to shop on familiar ground. * Big, tall, or petite? Check out our guide to Men's Special Sizes. * The Guide to Career Dressing is perfect for college grads or guys who just landed a big promotion. * The Guide for Dressing for Special Events helps make sure you have the right duds for all those special occasions.

Seasonal Guides

* Before the New Year's ball drops, read the Men's Guide to Holiday Dressing. * Winter is here, and you'll need to stay warm! We've got some tips to keep you looking sharp in the Men's Winter Style Guide. * Interested in what you'll be wearing when the spring thaw arrives? Read the Men's Spring Style Guide. * Other seasonal style guides available: Men's Fall Style Guide.

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