Coolers Buying Guide

Coolers are not only meant for keeping beverages and food items cold and free from bacteria but also to keep them fresh and retain the flavour. There are many types of coolers available for you to choose the one that best suits your requirements.  

Popular Cooler Construction Materials

* Every cooler construction material has its own advantage and disadvantage. The choice depends on how and where they would be used and what is going to be kept inside.    * Plastic coolers are lightweight but rigid in their composition so that foods stay safe in them. * Metal coolers were very popular in the olden days, but due to their heavy weight factor, they have become obsolete now. There are certain manufacturers who are thinking of reviving them in lighter models. * Nylon coolers are very light and completely collapsible but do not protect food items as well as plastic coolers.

Selecting Coolers

* The size of the cooler has to be taken into consideration when it comes to selection. For instance, small sized coolers are sufficient for storing a few sandwiches and bottles, while a larger one will be required when travelling with family. * Selection can depend on their ease of portability. * Coolers for travelling should be chosen so that they do not occupy much space and are lightweight. * Coolers with higher insulation thickness will be the right choice. * The lining of the coolers should also be considered as they are very important for good insulation. * Coolers with tight lids and sealing help them be effective. * Handles of the coolers should be checked for their sturdiness as they prevent mishaps from happening.

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