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Looking for advice and tips on buying makeup? Trying to foundation, blush, and more.

Makeup Guides

* '''Cheeks''': Be careful with your cheeks! Good makeup will blend with your face and give you a warm, healthy glow; bad makeup will draw attention to your cheeks, making you look overly made-up and clownish. Different types of skin react differently depending on if you use a powder blush or a gel, so test out some products and choose accordingly. If you need some help picking out a product, try our cheek makeup shopping guides: ** '''Blush''' ** '''Bronzers''' ** '''Luminizers''' * '''Eyes''': This is where the real fun begins. Eye makeup can be very subtle and natural, making you look clean, refreshed, and youthfulperfect for the daytime. For evening, on the other hand, you can play with all sorts of colors and techniques to draw out your eye color, match an outfit, or just make a bold statement. These guides will give you the rundown on eye makeup strategies, products, and brands: ** '''Eye Shadows''' ** '''Mascaras''' ** '''Eyeliners''' * '''Lips''': Perhaps the easiest makeup to apply, lip products can have a surprising effect on your appearance. Lip color can dress up a naked face, complement the look you're going for, and even make a statement of its own. Use these guides to find exactly what you're looking for: ** '''Lipsticks''' ** '''Lip Liners''' ** '''Plumpers''' * '''Fragrance''': Part of the beauty routine for most also includes the subtle, and everything in between. ** '''Fragrances''' ** '''Fragrance Families'''

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Organic Cosmetics

If you're a cosmetics and beauty products user who is into "green" shopping, then there are tons of organic brands for you to choose from.  The difference between your organic and nonbased. Because the majority of ingredients in the product are now natural, there is a much lower chance that they will irritate your skin or cause a bad reaction, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Below is a list to choose from for all your organic needs.

When Does Makeup Expire?

Are you wondering how long you should keep that eyeliner you splurged on? The shelf life of makeup depends on what type of product it is. Below is a basic list of when it is time to throw out products, but if any of your cosmetics have a bad odor or an abnormal consistency or tint, then you should discard them immediately! Most cosmetics do not have an expiration date marked on their container, so here are some basic rules of thumb when debating whether or not to keep it or trash it. * Cream or Compact Foundation: 18 months. * Concealer: 12 to 18 months. * Powder: Two years. *Bronzer: Two years. * Cream Blush: 12 to 18 months. * Powder Eyeshadow: Two years. * Cream Eyeshadow: 12 to 18 months. * Eyeliner: Two years. * Liquid Eyeliner: Three to six months. * Mascara: Three months. * Lipstick: Two years. * Lipliner: Two years. * Lip Gloss: 18 to 24 months. * Nail Polish: One year. * Any Natural or Organic Makeup: Six months at the most. Natural or organic makeup does not contain preservatives, so it does not have a very long shelf life. *Moisturizers: Six months. * Facial Toners: One year.

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