Having a new baby can be tiresome and expensive. There are so many necessities for a new addition to the family. All the baby lotions, shampoos, clothing, pajamas, hand mits, and doctor visits. Not to mention all the late nights for feedings and diaper changes. Therefore, we're here to make the decision on using cloth diapers or disposable diapers a little bit easier for you.

Cloth Diapers

Before Huggies and Pampers, all new parents had were cloth diapers. There are many pros and cons of utilizing cloth diapers. * First lets talk about the pros. Disposables can get expensive and become a hassle when you need a last minute trip to the store after finding your supply depleted. Cloth diapers are always right at your fingertips since you can clean them at home and are reusable. You can also use them until your baby learns to potty train. It is also known that kids who wore cloth diapers potty train much faster. * Now lets talk about the cons. Cloth diapers can be messy and a hassle. When your little one has a accident you have to immediately wash it out so the odor doesn't fill the room, not to mention cause wear and tear to the fabric. It also requires more laundry runs, so for a full time working mom it can be hard to always have a clean cloth diaper handy. Traveling or family outings may also become a pain because you may have to take a wet or smelly diaper home with you in your diaper bag.

Disposable Diapers

With so many brands out on the markets how is one supposed to decide, if you do choose to use disposables? * First lets consider the pros and cons of using throw-away diapers. Some of the pros are simply the versatility of the product. You can carry extras with you on-the-go, leave some in the car, and throw them away when your done. Unfortunately there are some cons as well. Diapers can be extremely costly especially if your having money troubles in a tough economy. * Now lets talk about the different types and kinds of disposable diapers. There are so many household brands such as Luvs, and Pampers, but it doesn't just end there. There are many secondary brands such as Pampers Cruisers, or Huggies Leak Lock. You can even purchase an all natural diaper made by Gerber.

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