Dinnerware Sets Buying Guide

Dinnerware sets can be visually appealing and at the same time can be very efficient too.  Presentation matters the most when it comes to dining.  The right type of dinnerware can enhance the dining experience for both the guests and the hosts.

Fine Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware that is used for formal occasions is known as fine china irrespective of the material with which they it is made.  Care should be taken while handling. * '''Soup Bowl''': Serving soup before a dinner is a custom that is sometimes done away with. In a place setting the soup bowl should be placed above the salad plate. * '''Salad Plate''': The salad plate can hold a single serving of vegetables or other salads and they are placed on top of the dinner plate. * '''Dinner Plate''': The dinner plate is an important piece that serves the main course in a formal placing.  * '''Butter and Bread Plate''': They are small plates that are placed beside the dinner plate. * '''Dessert Plate''': Dessert plates are brought along when the dessert is served and they are slightly smaller than the salad plate. * '''Cup and Saucer''': Cups and saucers are for your favourite cup of tea or coffee towards the end of the dinner, commonly served alongside dessert.

Casual Dinnerware Sets

A casual dinner with your family by the beach or on your dining table needs a set that includes dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and cups. You can creatively explore various designs, bold patterns and vibrant colours when buying casual dinnerware unlike the formal pieces.

Choice of Dinnerware

* When buying glazed dinnerware sets it is best to check if the glaze has any toxins or chemicals and if so - these should be avoided. * You can select from a variety of materials including bone china, porcelain, fine china, earthenware, stoneware, melamine and many more. * When buying casual dinnerware sets it is better to buy the ones that are safe to be used in dishwashers. * Simple styles with lesser or no grooves are good for easy cleaning. * When purchasing dinnerware sets for microwave ovens do not buy dinnerware with metallic paint or metal bands as they can destroy ovens. * Dinnerware is usually available as sets containing pieces in multiples of 4 or 6, serving a family.

Dinnerware Sets Brands

* FSP Group * Wilson * Disney * Duncan Fearnley * Star Wars

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