Edible Aphrodisiacs Buying Guide

So you are taking your sweetheart out on a date for Valentine's Day  and you're not sure what type of restaurant to choose. Should you include wine? Dessert? Whatever you pick, make sure edible aphrodisiacs  are a part of your meal! Aphrodisiacs, which are believed to increase sexual desire, derive their name from the Greek Aphrodite , goddess of sensuality and love.  Check out these aphrodisiacs to include in every part of your romantic meal and feel the love!


Arugula : This is a rich, peppery plant that can be used in salads  and on top of pasta  or meat . It is commonly seen in many Italian dishes and is said to help clear the mind.

Gingko Biloba : This is often used in Chinese congee, or rice porridge, as well as Japanese dishes . It is present in many health remedies today and is known for improving sexual dysfunction and increasing blood flow.

Ginseng : This root can be found in teas  and broths for soups  and also curbs sexual dysfunction. It has also been used by Native Americans in love potions.

Saffron : This is a bitter tasting spice that gives food a rich yellow hue and is often used in Arab  and Indian cuisines . Saffron is also a main ingredient in the well-known Spanish dish paella . It can be used to treat depression and is known to affect neurotransmitters, giving us that lovey-dovey feeling.

Vegetables and Fruits

Artichokes : This versatile vegetable can be deep-fried or cooked in oil. It is popular the world over, especially in Italy and France. It is also used in Italian liqueur Cynar  and in herbal teas . It gained fame as an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages and has chemicals silymarin and cynarin which produce long-term health benefits.

Asparagus : This veggie can be stir-fried, girlled, boiled or steamed. It can be served with meat ,soups  or marinated with olive oil . So think again next time you reject this long green enzyme-regulator in your next meal.

Bananas : Could it be due to its phallic shape? Possibly. Lots of foods that are aphrodisiacs gain their reputation from sympathetic magic, or imitative magic involving fetishes .

Lettuce : This might not be such a romantic food in today's culture, but back in ancient Egypt , lettuce was thought to induce sleep as well as romantic desires. Bet that will make you think twice before eating your next salad !

Tomatoes : Also called the "love apple," this romantic fruit (yes, it's actually considered a berry) has been misnomered in France and called "pomme d'amour," thus producing its famous translation.

Dinners and Desserts

Oysters : The soft, moist texture of the oyster may account for its status symbol as a love enhancer, but according to a group of researchers, this mollusk  is rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones. Ooh la la!

Dark Chocolate : Most of us know the story of chocolate  and its association with love. What most of us don't know is that this rich treat contains dopamine and seratonin, two chemicals that give you pleasurable feelings and put you in a good mood. Let's eat to that!

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