Electric Kettles Buying Guide

There are far more stovetop kettle.


Important Features

* '''Cord vs. Cordless ''' ** The usefulness of a cordless model cannot be overstated. These models have a base station that plugs into an outlet. The kettle sits on the base to heat the water, and when it's ready you simply lift the kettle off the base. No cords to hold out of the way while you pour. * '''Automatic Shut-off ''' ** Simply a must, especially for the absent-minded. Avoid boiling off all the water and burning the kettle. * ''' Water Level Indicator''' ** It's good to know how much is in there. * '''Water Cleaning/Filtering ''' ** A nice feature if you don't already have filtered water.The difference between filtered and unfiltered water is particularly noticeable in tea. * '''EasyClean''' ** Consider a non-stick surface and materials that are easy to clean like plastic. * '''Multiple Temperature Settings''' ** Some products may require water that is just below boiling. Also, if you don't like to drink your tea scalding hot, you have options for how boiling you want the water to be. * '''Capacity ''' ** Do you make tea just for yourself or for all of your friends? * '''Safety Lock''' ** If the lid has a safety lock this could be very useful when pouring out your tea to make sure you don't burn yourself. * '''Swivel Base''' ** A useful feature on dispensing models that allows you to pour from any angle.


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