Necessity being the mother of invention, it seems inevitable in these times of expanding waistlines that there'd be footwear that give your a lower body work out while you run errands. FitFlops  are stylish shoes  that can help tone and tighten your legs and bottom, making them a perfect option for busy men, women , and children who may not have time to enjoy sports or intensive workouts.


The key to FitFlops ' success is their Microwobble board technology, which allows the shoe  to stimulate the various muscles of the leg, regardless of walking surface. The bum, hamstrings , and lower leg muscles are used more while walking than they would be with a normal shoe, thus helping you tone those areas while you walk your dog, run down to the market, or enjoy a leisurely  stroll. 

Another benefit of the FitFlop is their comfort . This goes beyond simple shock absorption; with the leg and bottom muscles doing the heavier work, your hips and knees experience less stress, as does your back. FitFlops have also been known to reduce pain from heel spurs or chronic back pain, and help with other back and foot-related ailments.


Unlike other toning shoes, FitFlops  disguise their muscle toning soles, so the wearer can enjoy a stylish  shoe and work out discreetly. You can choose from a variety of different styles from boots  to trainers , and no one will be the wiser to your workout routine.


Perfect for wet, windy autumn and winter weather, FitFlops offers a variety of boot styles, including Mukluks ,tall boots  and mid-calf boots .


Another trendy option, clogs  offer a relaxed and casual look for your (seemingly) relaxed and casual workout shoe.


The shoe from which the company takes its name, many FitFlop styles, like the Walkstar , have extra slim toe posts for easy wearing.


If you prefer an open-toed look but detest flip-flops, FitFlop offers some non-toe separating sandals that are study and comfortable.


Just because they're trainers doesn't mean they have to look so heavy duty. These sleek athletic shoes  look good and feel great.

Top Sellers

FitFlop Mukluk 

With their breathable shearling upper and trendy mid-calf height, these Mukluks will having you looking stylish in no time.

FitFlop Hyker 

 These Men's FitFlops are made for bad backs and knees. Not to mention they're durable summer sandals.

FitFlop Walkstar 3 

These comfortable flip-flops reduce joint strain and can even improve posture!

FitFlop Oasis 

The ideal shoe for growing legs, these cute sandals correct posture and cushion feet.

FitFlop Supertone 

These metallic trainers are comfortable and blend in with the rest of your robot-shoes.

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