Gemstones Buying Guide

Imagine you had your pick of any gemstone  you wanted. What would it be? A sapphire ring , a ruby necklace , a pair of diamond earrings ? You may be thinking how you could possibly choose only one? Is there any way to make this easier? Our gemstones buying guide is designed to present you with all of your options, give you some background, highlight some tips for taking care of your precious stone, and of course, provide you with pretty pictures to leave you wanting more!

Let's start with the top picks, the four most popular gemstones on the market today.

Top Gems

Diamonds : These gems are in a class all their own. The hardest natural material known, they are extremely resistant to scratching and damage.

Emeralds : With these beauties, the deeper the green, the more valuable the stone. Almost any real emerald will have at least a flaw or two, as a gem without fractures is incredibly rare.

Rubies : These stones have greater per carat prices than diamonds and, as with the emerald, the intensity and richness of colour will determine its value. Its red is unmatched by other stones.

Sapphires : Arguably Oz's most popular gem (many valuable sapphires are mined all over the country), these can come in a variety of colours from orange and yellow to purple.

Things to Consider

Synthetic or Natural? Synthetic gems are less expensive and will feature a more vivid colour with fewer impurities. Natural gems are more valuable and expensive due to their rarity.

Faceted or Rough? Rough gemstones look more like the actual stones when they are initially mined. They will have natural facets but will not look like your average necklace or diamond ring. Machines are used to enhance the facets and sparkle of the stone, and most jewellery you pick up will be manipulated in this way.

More Gemstones

Besides the big four, there are lots of other popular gemstones in today's market. Consider some of your choices.






Cat's Eye 


Cubic Zirconia 










Rose Quartz 


Tiger's Eye 




Caring for your Gemstone

Since all gemstones have different properties, the methods for cleaning each one may vary. For example, some stones can be cleaned with heat to remove chemical residue while others will crack under the pressure.  This site offers some tips and tricks for utilising home jewellery cleaners , but when in doubt, take your stone to a jeweller  for maintenance.

Fun Facts

  • While the diamond is typically shown on engagement rings and anniversary bands, other stones represent anniversaries too.
    • Emerald: 20, 35, 55 years of marriage.
    • Ruby: 15 and 40 years of marriage.
    • Sapphire: 5 and 45 years of marriage.
  • Opal is considered the most desirable of all gems because it shows all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Some gems and stones are said to have healing properties. Here are a few:
    • Garnets: Relieve pain and maintain good health.  
    • Peridot: Success, luck and courage.
    • Tourmaline: Increased compassion, happiness and serenity.

More Information

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