Kitchen Sink Organisation Buying Guide

It's always helpful to have a clean, organised kitchen sink that has everything you need right at your fingertips and is convenient to use.


Whether you wash your dishes in the sink or a dishwasher , sponges are great for keeping your sink clean and getting rid of unsightly stains.

Scourers : For pots or pans with set-in stains, these tough sponges are very helpful.

Sponges : Purchase a few sponges as they may wear out quickly from frequent use.

Sponges with Handles : These items may make scrubbing easier and prevent your hands from drying out.

Sponge Holders :  An effective way to drain wet sponges without making a mess.


Remember to always wash dishes with dish liquid and hot water to get rid of germs on your plates and cups.  When finished cleaning, make sure to dry the sink, otherwise water droplets can leave stains on the surface.

Dishwasher Detergents : Designed especially for dishwashers, these detergents have unique cleaning power designed to handle large loads.

Rubber Gloves : If you plan on washing a lot of dishes, these are great for protecting your hands.

Sink Cleaners : After cleaning dishes, you may notice scratches and stains left behind in the sink. Cleaners or baking soda  can help remove these.   Note: Abrasive cleaners may ruin acrylic, fibreglass, stainless steel or marble surfaces.

Sink Protectors : These can help prevent the build-up of food or residue that shows up in the sink after washing dishes.

Soap Dispensers : Fill up some fun dispensers with your favourite smelling dish liquid  to make dishwashing enjoyable for the senses.


Now that the hard work is done, get those dishes dry!

Dish Racks : If you have time, why not let your dishes and utensils air-dry? It saves work for you!

Tea Towels : Cloth towels are better for drying over paper towels, since they are environmentally friendly. Keep a few on hand so if one gets wet you will have a dry towel to use.

Towel Holders : These are helpful for hanging up your towels to air-dry quickly.

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