Laptop Bags

In this technological age, computers have become more than just machines that are capable of sending electronic mail. They have, in essence, become a part of us. And as we go to great lengths to protect our bodies, we should strive to protect our laptops as well. In an era where everyone takes their laptops wherever they go--to the coffee shop, in the train station, even in the park--it makes sense that a durable laptop bag or case is now a necessity. When a laptop bag once meant a bulky leather black briefcase that was cumbersome and ugly, today's models now cater to the business crowd as well as the hipsters. There is a plethora of laptop cases to choose from in a range of different colors, styles and materials. With the help of this guide, you will definitely be able to find one to suit your style and personality.

The Basics

'''Protection''': The point of having a laptop bag is so your laptop will stay safe and unscratched. Any unnecessary bumps or jarring can cause internal damage to your computer and possibly cause a hard drive failure--a horror in the day of the one-year limited warranty! A laptop bag will also protect your computer from the sometimes harsh elements of nature. Those of you living in Seattle will want to look out for something waterproof. '''Size Matters''': And so does weight. Generally the bigger the bag, the heavier, so think about how far you're going to be walking with that in tow. There's nothing more annoying than being weighed down while you're hustling ten minutes late to work. Also, the more mobile gear you pack in it, the heavier it will be. If your laptop is thin and light, you're lucky because you've got it easy and can use just about any bag. Gaming maniac? You might want to think again about a simple notebook sleeve and go for something with storage space for all of your gadgets. Also, depending on  where you're going with your laptop, like to school, work or on a trip, you could be carrying just your notebook or a slew of other stuff like cables, adapters, external drives, MP3 players or even daily personal effects like your wallet, keys and the like. It's important to consider what you'll be carrying before settling on a size. '''Accessibility and Organization''': How many compartments do you need to keep your digital life in order? How easily can you open them with one hand, and how easily can someone ''else'' open them? You don't want to be a target, but travelers especially need to get in and out of their laptop cases without a hassle and we all want to have the option to move around hands-free. The fewer pockets that a bag has, the more likely your computer and other equipment will remain safe. '''Airport Friendly''': For those who travel a lot, don't let your laptop become a hassle at checkpoint security. You can find plenty of stylish options that are checkpoint friendly. These are designed with a special scan feature that allows them to be detected when passing through security. This will save you the trouble of having to take your laptop out of the bag. 


You can find something to fit just about any personality: polka dots and designer bags and everything in between. A few popular brands include Belkin, Samsonite, Targus, Timbuk 2, and Victorinox. '''Standard Bags''' '''Briefcases''' '''Totes''' '''Wheeled/Rolling Bags''' '''Backpacks''' '''Sleeves'''

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