Paper Shredders Buying Guide

Paper shredders are becoming a must-have for all home offices and have always been a business need. Paper shredders can help safeguard you from identity theft. No one wants to have someone else discover their personal information in the garbage, such as bank, credit, and social security card numbers. A shredder is just the safer way to go. To make disposal of your valuable info even easier, get waste bags that are meant to fit personal sized shredders. 

Things to Keep In Mind

Prices vary widely, but there are some other things to consider. To find the best, well-constructed machine, usually an included warranty is a good sign; if it features a long warranty on the cutter, it will probably last a while. To help you find the right shredder for your needs, we have some ideas for you to ponder: * How many people will be using the shredder? If it is simply meant for home or personal office use then get a personal shredder; up to 100 uses per day will do just fine, however for small offices (up to 10 people) a general office machine is suitable for handling up to 36,000 uses per day. * How thoroughly destroyed should your documents be? Do you need it "diced" into confetti or will straight cuts do? Or do you need the maximum level of security that adheres to even the NSA's stringent requirements? * What is the volume of paper that you shred? How many sheets must it do at once? * Should the shredder be capable of shredding plastic as well, such as CDs, DVDs and credit cards? * How fast must it work? * What safety features do you need so that your child can't hurt himself or shred your paycheck?  Look for locking features. * You can extend the life of any type of shredder by investing in shredder lubricant sheets or by using paper shredder oil. A little of these products might go a long way.

Acclaimed Paper Shredders

These shredders have received serious attention in many office publications and are considered top-rated.

Paper Shredder Alternative

If you need to dispose of your documents, but would prefer to avoid the messy scraps of a shredder or destroy the document beyond any possible reconstruction, then dissolvable paper, also referred to as Spy Paper, may be your best option. Dissolvable paper will become completely illegible and turn into mush just seconds after contact with any liquid.

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