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Polaroid cameras gave us what we wanted most instant gratification. Now you can get the same satisfaction with a photo printer. Spend a couple hundred dollars on a compact photo printer and you'll never have to upload pictures and order them online or go to a store ever again. Print your wild rock concert pictures instantly within the privacy of your room. How cool is that? Think about where you are going to use your printer. Will it have a permanent place in an office, a space next to a home computer, or does it need to be portable so that you can take it with you when you travel?

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'''Portable Photo Printer ''' '''Proprietary Camera Dock '''

More About Optional Features

* '''Photo Quality and Color''': Black and white pictures are best on inkjet printer * '''Camera Compatibility''': For computer-less printing, make sure that the printer includes a memory slot or USB port that is compatible with your camera. * '''LCD Screens and Editing''': If you are not planning on doing much editing and you want the ease of getting to choose thumbnails off the printer, then opt for one with an LCD screen. Otherwise, most Photo Rendering Software * Photo Ink Cartridges * Photo Paper

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