Picnicware and Outdoor Dining

Picnics and outdoor meals are a great way to enjoy hthe outdoors. To dine outdoors comfortably and worry-free you will need the right picnicware and outdoor dinnerware.  

Assortment of Picnicware

Picnicware consists of a whole set of items from picnic baskets to serve and dinnerware. You can use your regular dinnerware during a picnic but worrying about how they will get handled outdoors may spoil the fun of the outing for you. So specialised picnic ware has its uses outdoors.   

  • It is a good idea to use disposable picnic ware like paper plated and cups as it doesn’t need cleaning up.
  • Melamine is another popular choice while entertaining kids as it strikes a balance between good appearance and sturdiness.
  • Other than the dinnerware and dishes, you will need picnic mats, insect repellents and napkins to serve a comfortable meal.
  • Cooler bags, cooler boxes, flasks and ice packs / freeze boards help keep your drinks cool and food fresh.

Light Outdoor Dining Equipment

  • Garden Party: You may also choose to entertain guests outdoors in your own garden. On such occasions you may feel comfortable bringing out dinnerware made of glass, stoneware or earthenware. There are dinnerware designed in bright colours and fun designs to suit outdoor dining.
  • Barbecues: Barbecues are a great outdoor dining idea. There are portable barbecue grills available in various sizes that can may it easier for you to grill food for your guests. You can choose the size of the barbecue grill based on the number of guests you are entertaining. There are barbecue sets available that contain the required barbecue tools like ladles, knives and forks with heat-safe handles.
  • Fish and Chips: There are also portable fryers available on which you can fry fish and chips for your guests.

Some Popular Brands of Picnic Ware and Outdoor Dining

  • John Lewis
  • Duni
  • Rex Inter
  • Thermos
  • Paperchase
  • Quest

Quick Picks    

Quick Picks

Outdoor Dining Camping Equipment :

The hygienic outdoor dining set contains 46 pieces of plates, cups and saucers made of plastic.  

Melamine Dining Set :

The 18 piece outdoor dining set is made of durable melamine.  

Luxury Bottle Cooler in Forest Green :

The cooler can keep the bottles cold for upto 8 hours using the i-cool technology.  

Quick Picks

Fully Lined Picnic Blanket in Green :

The checked fully lined picnic blanket provides a good spread while you are out.  

Kingsford  Kettle Grill Barbecue :

The grill barbecue contains a porcelain coated lid and base and a chrome grill for the barbecue.  

Robinson Young Disposable Paper Plates :

The paper plates can be discarded after use and are ideal for outdoors.   

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