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Sewing Thread

For your next sewing or quilting project, you'll need to choose the right type of thread. Many types are available to suit different activities, including basting thread, embroidery thread, darning thread, and more. When choosing a thread, the most important thing to consider is the thread weight and size. While color is also a major factor, it has less to do with the function of the thread, which is to hold the fabric together. Below you'll find some information about how to choose the right thread material for your next project. ! * '''Lightweight (A)''' **Tips for Choosing Thread * When choosing color, make sure to select a shade slightly darker than the fabric you are using. For multi-color fabrics, the thread should match the most dominant color in the pattern. * Cheap thread is typically less durable and more prone to breaking, knotting, and causing general sewing havoc. Invest in quality thread for a better sewing experience. ** Poor quality thread will fray, releasing more lint into your sewing machine. ** High quality thread will fray less which means that it can pass through the many loops and holes on the sewing machine without snagging or snapping. ** See this illustrative article from that shows a side by side thread brand comparison. * Visit Taunton Press to see an article about choosing Embroidery Thread for Sewing Machines.

Thread Brands

* Dual Duty Coats and Clark * Gutermann * Maxilock * Madeira * Sulky * Serger