Sheets Buying Guide

Sheets of various colours, sizes and designs adorn your homes and perform various functions. These sheets are generally made of easy care poly cotton, Egyptian cotton, pima cotton and organic cotton. They provide soothing feel and warmth in addition to providing a luxurious look to your home.    

Different Types of Sheets

  • Bed sheets: They are essential to cover the bed and to provide a comfortable surface to sleep on.  
  • Flat Sheets: These flat sheets are simple but very gentle and soft. These plain flat sheets are available in a variety of colours and sizes. These sheets are made of polyester and cotton mix and give elegant look. 
  • Fitted Sheets: These fitted sheets are available as plain and patterned. These sheets are durable and are machine washable. 
  • Valance Sheets: These sheets with pleats and frills add beauty to your beds. These sheets are available in a huge range of colours, options, sizes and thread count. 
  • Duvet Covers: Duvet Covers are soft and they provide excellent warmth. Available in plain and various designs. These duvet covers are durable and provide extreme comfort. 
  • Mattress Protectors: These mattress protectors of quilted design provide allergy protection. These mattress protectors are machine washable and are hygienic. 

Factors to Consider

  • Do not forget to select sheets according to your bed size.
  • Choose fabrics according to the climate.
  • Go for machine washable sheets which makes cleaning task easier.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Petit Bebe Flat Sheet :

Get this cute bed sheet for your baby’s nursery!  

Floral Polka Dot Flat Single Size Bed Sheet :

This turquoise sheet has non-elasticised hems.  

Clippasafe Waterproof Mattress Sheet :

This cot size sheet is ideal for a kid’s bed. 

Quick Picks

Kylie Carita Duvet Damson :

This sheet has a luxurious satin soft feel!  

White Flat Luxury Bed Sheet :

A simple white bed sheet can do wonders to your room!  

Red Satin Duvet Bed Sheet :

Get this lovely six piece set of red satin sheets!  

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