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How can I work closer with ShopWiki? I have concerns about my store/products.

What's ShopWiki and how did my store get here? Why can't I find my store/products on ShopWiki? I have concerns about my store/product information. Please remove my store.

What's ShopWiki and how did my store get here?

ShopWiki is a shopping comparison search engine that currently operates in 10 different countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and Belgium. We are not a store and we do not sell any products. We simply list these products with useful tools to help you find the deals you want!

ShopWiki uses an automated crawler to extract information from sites across the internet to build a complete database of online stores for our shopping search engine. If your site was not manually submitted into our database, then your site was most likely added by our crawlers because it contains a category of products that consumers would shop for online. By including your store in our search results, it not only benefits ShopWiki by offering its consumers a wider range of products, but it also sends FREE traffic to the merchant site.

If you're looking to further increase your visibility in our search results (driving additional revenue to your site), please visit our free Approved Store Program for more information.