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How can I work closer with ShopWiki? I have concerns about my store/products.

What's ShopWiki and how did my store get here? Why can't I find my store/products on ShopWiki? I have concerns about my store/product information. Please remove my store.

I can't find my store/products on ShopWiki.

Listed below are a few common reasons why you might not be able to locate your store/products on Shopwiki and solutions to those situations. Please read through this checklist and verify that each step has been completed before contacting us.

  • Reason: If ShopWiki has not crawled/added your site yet, then we have no products to list from your store.
    Solution: Feel free to add your store right here!

  • Reason: If you recently added your store to ShopWiki our system is still busy extracting and indexing the products from your site.
    Solution: Please wait 3 to 4 weeks for your products to appear in our search results.

  • Reason: If you have waited for at least 3 to 4 weeks, but still see none of your products on ShopWiki, it’s also possible that your site is configured to prevent ShopWiki crawlers from extracting the product information.
    Solution: There might be robots.txt or a high crawl delay set on your site that is preventing ShopWiki from extracting all or any of your products. Please see our robots.txt page for information on how to rectify this.

  • Reason: DO NOT search for your store products by using your store name as the search term. We do not index store titles, but rather list individual offers.
    Solution: If you would like to locate your store's products on ShopWiki, search for the name of a specific product that you sell on your store. You may also try using the following search parameter to see whether or not your products are on ShopWiki: [search term] site:[domain name] (i.e.- "knife set with block").

  • Reason: Your site DOES NOT allow any type of crawling and works exclusively by data feed
    Solution: Please note that we typically only accept data feed from ShopWiki Premier Stores.

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