Sun Hats Buying Guide

Wearing a sun hat  is one of the easiest ways to protect you from the suns’ harmful radiation. If you intend to take a stroll around the park on a bright, sunny day or spend the day at the beach , then you should definitely use these hats. Sun hats protect the head and face from the energy-draining heat and harmful ultra-violet  rays.  

Fabrics Used in Sun Hats  

Sun hats are made from a variety of materials like cotton ,nylon ,canvas ,polyester ,jute straw  etc. Sun hats are recently made from improvised fabric  that is resistant to ultra-violet rays to offer optimal protection.  

Different Styles of Sun Hats  

Sun hats are available in a variety of styles, which differ in design and construction. Some popular styles of sun hats are Legionnaire ,Bucket ,Wide Brim ,Cowboy ,Trillby  and Visor . Legionnaire style hats protect the neck along with head and face and Visor hats provide shade to the face. There are reversible hats  for men, women and children.   

Tips for Choosing Sun Hats  

  • Choose a sun hat with a comfortable depth, diameter and brim or visor size.  
  • Always select hats that are made from lightweight fabrics with good aeration.  
  • If you are allergic to synthetic fabrics, go for hats made from organic materials like cotton or straw.  
  • There are insect repellent and anti-bacterial sun hats available for people prone to allergies.  
  • Check the UV protection rating when buying UV sun hats.  
  • If you intend to carry your sun hat on your vacation, go for styles that are foldable.


Some popular brands of sun hats include;  

Quick Picks


Kookaburra Sun Hats :

These adjustable sun hats are available in different colours. These lightweight polyester mesh caps have wide brim.  

UV Sun Hat :

This sun hat is highlight-wordsmade from SPFhighlight-words 100highlight-words+ Nylon Lycra that provides optimal protection to children. 

Unbleached Cotton Sun Hats :

  These hats are made from 100% pure unbleached cotton. They have a plantpot caption that protects the eyes.  


Catimini Cote Cour Reversible Sun Hat :

It has a pale blue background burgundy print on one side and a white tie fastening on the other.  

Cheetah Print Sun Hat :

 With 100% cotton fabric, this hat protects the head and face from sun’s radiation.  

Legionnaire Sun Hat :

 Providing you UPF50+ protection, this sun hat comes with ties and elastic chin strap.  

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