Tablecloths Buying Guide

You can give a neat look to your Tablecloths also enhance the life of the table. Make your table look beautiful with different tablecloths.

Shape and Design

You can choose tablecloths based on the shape and size of your table. Go for tablecloths with intricate design and long drops to add class to your dining table.

Quick Picks


Occasion plays a major role when shopping for tablecloths. * '''Christmas''': You can go for Christmas tablecloths that are usually made from rich fabrics and have a delicate lace trimming. They will add to the theme of your Christmas dinner. * '''Birthday''': A birthday tablecloth in light pastel shades or bright pop of colors will be perfect for children's birthday parties.

Fabric Patterns

Tablecloths are available in a wide range of fabrics such as satin for you to choose from. * '''Vinyl Tablecloths''': Vinyl tablecloths are easy to wipe and clean, which make them perfect for picnics and outdoor use. * '''Lace Tablecloths''': Lace tablecloths add beauty to ordinary tables. They usually come in light colors, so they may be a little difficult to maintain as they stain easily.

Manufacturers of Tablecloths

* Canterbury * Coghlan’s

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